Review: Vic Firth’s Live Wires Brighten Your Kit

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-07-22)

Review: Vic Firth’s Live Wires Brighten Your Kit

It’s always refreshing to see drumstick companies coming up with new improved designs, even for their more traditional products. This next one opens the doors for new creative approaches to the drumming, giving drummers the chance to explore a whole new world of sound textures. Live Wires is the new addition to Vic Firth’s brushes catalogue for 2010. Along side other uniquely designed brushes like the Dreadlocks and Steve Gadd Wire Brushes, this pair is another innovative addition from Vic Firth to the brushes world.

I’ve been using the VF’s Jazz Brush for a while now. I’ve always loved the traditional jazz sound I get from my kit when I use them. Therefore, I couldn’t have a better brush to compare the new VF’s Live Wires against. I must say right of the bat that they didn’t named “Live Wires” for no reason. By switching back and forth between the Jazz Brush and the Live Wires I could better identify the most important features of this new Vic Firth pair. Some quick notes:

  • Their rubbery body makes them comfortable to hold, while providing a perfect amount of adherence.
  • When you are not playing with the brush end you can flip it around and play with the ball-shaped wire end giving you a sound comparable to a drumstick with a hard rubber tip.
  • The brush size can be easily controlled in two different positions thanks to the zigzag-ish end on the metal spine to which the wires are attached to.
  • The most important feature (the reason why these wires are attributed to giving a “live” sound), are the tiny metal balls attached to the very tip of each wire end. An awesome idea, I must say, that makes your drums and cymbals sound higher in pitch, giving them a brighter sound texture.

    Vic Firth’s new brushes are a welcome addition to their catalog. If you were looking for comfortable, retractable, traditional jazz brushes with a more defined and present sound, grab a pair of the Live Wires and give a lively boost to your brush-created grooves.

    The Vic Firth’s Live Wires can be found for a price around $25. For more information about Vic Firth’s products, please visit

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