Review: DW 3000 Bass Drum Pedal Unites Playability & Affordability

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-07-24)

Review: DW 3000 Bass Drum Pedal Unites Playability & Affordability

Letís put it this way, coming from personal experience, this is a piece of gear that can make your gig an inferno. Either you have a kick pedal that does the job or you have one that doesnít. Itís incredible how much the kick pedal influences your performance, it can determine how quickly and especially how accurately you can play. To play drums is like a dance between drummer and drum kit; if your partner canít handle your moves, itís certain your will be ďtripping over each otherĒ every now and then.

The DW kick pedals have been part of my drumming life for a good amount of time now. When I first purchased a DW 5002, my deep for DW pedals started. Iíve been touring and recording exclusively with DW pedals ever since. Iíve also tried the DW 9002 in the past and they are, at least so far, the most responsive pedals I ever put a foot on. This is the first time I stepped on a DW 3000 and my first impression of it was that I felt the professional quality of DW pedals is does not just apply to their higher number series, but straight through their whole line. The 3000 is one the cheapest DW pedals you will find in the market and, surprisingly, the price tag is the only big difference between them. Their cool features and superb quality are all there, from the 2000 through to the 9000 bass drum pedals.

Letís go through common features that you can find in most DW pedals including the 3000 series.

  • Steel Base Plate Ė This is a major factor for me when buying kick pedals. Having a base plate makes a huge difference because it provides a sturdy foundation. This one ensures non-skid play on carpeted surfaces by utilizing Velcro pieces on the bottom of the plate as well as two hand adjustable metal spikes that give more than enough resistance, keeping your pedal from going anywhere. It doesnít matter how heavy footed you are, these features keep the pedal in place, as hard as a rock.

  • Adjustable Toe Clamp - I love this feature. There is nothing more annoying to me as a drummer than having to clip my pedal through a clamp device that sits right underneath the pedal itself. From experience, Iíve found out that most of those clamp devices lose strength throughout your performance, and you really donít want to have your pedal be weakly connected to you drum. This DW clamp ensures the pedal and drum stay strongly connected and doesnít require a drum key for assembly. For me, thatís a major plus. It just makes the job of installing your pedal to your bass drum a whole lot easier and especially quicker. And, in the event that you actually need a drum key you will find one right next to the clamp! It couldnít be a better bonus to come with this pedal. And all you drummers out there know how instrumental it is to have a drum key easily accessible at any time you need one. Itís also serves as an awesome place to keep drum key back up.

  • 101 2-way Beater - The commonly known DW beater is also a part on this series. The 2-way beater offers a felt side that gives a traditional warm kick sound and a plastic side for a more ďclickyĒ and aggressive kick attack. The beater also comes with a memory lock that can be adjusted with an Allen key (included with the pedal). This will help you replicate the beater height every time you have to take it apart from the pedal.

  • Bearing Spring Rocker Assembly Ė This is an exclusive DW feature on their pedals, I havenít yet seen it anywhere else. Not only can you easily adjust the spring tension in the bottom screw where is attached, but you can also customize the beater response and its distance position to the drumhead by sliding the screw that attaches the top ring of the spring back and forth. This will require a drum key, but thank god you have that one next to the toe clamp easily available! This feature allows drummers to better adjust the responsiveness of the pedal regarding how heavy or light-footed they are.

    The 3000 series comes with a double chain that attaches the beater to the pedal board like most DW pedals as well as the Turboô (TD3) concentric drive that maintains a direct relationship between the sprocket and the footboard to provide a solid, powerful, consistent feel and response. After playing with the 3000, I couldnít feel any difference at all when comparing it to the DW 5000. If there is any, itís definitely almost undetectable. I got the same amount of response from both and the pedal stood still as a rock even when I was laying down some very intense footwork grooves. These two attributes are what really make a good pedal great. Cosmetically, the 3000 has a slimmer pedal board when compared to the higher numbered DW pedals, but this wonít change its performance. For some reason I even think this helps with the pedalís sensitivity.

    The DW 3000 Series Bass Drum Pedal is currently priced at only $99.00. Certainly the best priced pedal from one of the best pedal manufacturers on the market. A down side about this product is that it doesnít come with a case or bag for transportation. For a touring musician, there is no worse thing than not having a specially designed case for each hardware part. But I guess this is another reason why this great pedal is so affordable. If you are just beginning to play drums, and you are not sure what pedal to buy, you donít have to think twice about purchasing one of these, and if you have being playing drums for a while, Iím sure this pedal wonít disappoint you.

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