Mapex Introduces The Horizon Fastpack

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-07-26)

Mapex Introduces The Horizon Fastpack

Mapex is facilitating the life of many gigging and touring drummers around the globe with this new release. They recently introduced the Horizon Fastpack drum set. Conceptualized to be a one of a kind, portable, easy to set-up kit that offers great sounding drums.

The Mapex Horizon Fastpack (HXB5074DBBL) includes 20” x 12” bass drum, 8” x 6” and 10” x 7”mounted toms, 12” x 12” floor tom, 13” x 5” snare drum and lightweight and durable Mapex 310 series hardware. The shells are constructed using a basswood and birch ply combination for outstanding tone. The drums are covered with a durable, high gloss black covering and the mounted toms feature the exclusive Mapex Isolated Tom Mount System (ITS). The Fastpack drums and hardware are quickly and easily packed into three Mapex Fastpack drum bags. The bass drum and snare into fit into a padded rolling bag with wheels. The 8”, 10”, 12” toms all fit into a padded bag with a convenient shoulder strap. A durable, easy-to-carry bag is provided for the hardware. This three-bag system is designed for fast and convenient transportation of the entire drum set.

If you were at 2010 Summer NAMM, you might have had the chance to check this Mapex kit closely, in case you weren’t, click on the following link and watch a quick video about this unique drum set and its cases.

If you are a jazz drummer, if you play in bars with tight stages all the time, or even if you are just tired of asking your girlfriend, friends or parents to give you a hand loading in and out your kit at every gig you play, the Horizon Fastpack was really made especially for you, courtesy of Mapex Drums. The Horizon Fastpack is currently priced at $699.99.

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