Help Zildjian Create Their New Product Line: The Gen16

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-07-27)

Help Zildjian Create Their New Product Line: The Gen16

Ever wanted to be able to give your personal input during a creation of a new drum product? Now you can. I just must warn you that there is purchasing involved once you join this program, well, discounted purchasing that is. Zildjian is recruiting dedicated individuals, regardless of their playing level or experience, to take part in the Product First Look Program for their new Gen16 products. As a Gen16 First Look Member you will receive early access to new Gen16 products and serve as a key source of suggestions, comments, and criticism. Participants will be reviewing performance, compatibility and overall playability prior to the launch and release of these products.

Here is some further information on how you can take part in this Zildjian program.

Firstlook Team Requirements:
Spend at least a few hours each week reviewing the product during the product First Look cycle. Cycles typically last 38 weeks.
At the end of the Cycle, You will be asked to share your experience. Include any comments and opinions you may have during your experience with the product. Provide suggestions for the products improvement and product "wish lists."
You are not allowed to discuss the product with any third party (including posting information to blogs, forums, MySpace, YouTube, etc.) unless specifically authorized by Gen16. Breeching the confidentiality of the program will result in immediate termination of your privileges and may result in civil or criminal action.

Applicants must fulfill all of the following requirements:
Possess a broadband internet connection and valid e-mail address.
Possess a valid credit card for discounted product purchasing.
Be capable of downloading large amounts of data.
After reviewing your completed registration form, Zildjian will notify if you are approved.
Zildjian will send you an email which provides additional instructions on purchasing the product from our online store and reporting your reviews.

Once you have completed your final review of the product at the end of the First Look cycle.You will be credited 50% of the discounted purchase price. Credit will be applied to the credit card used to make purchase.

To apply for the Gen16 Product First Look Program, visit:

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