Empire Brands’ Wicked Audio Introduces their new Chill, Reverb, and Tour headphone line

(AlexV | Posted 2010-07-28)

Empire Brands’ Wicked Audio Introduces their new Chill, Reverb, and Tour headphone line

Fashion-forward headphones fuse graffiti-inspired design with outstanding audio performance

Empire Brands, manufacturers of visually striking headphones, reveals three new collections of fashion-forward headphones: Chill, Reverb and Tour. All three collections sport graffiti-inspired design elements and pack powerful sound, giving Wicked Audio customers a stylish alternative accessory option to enjoy their favorite tunes.

Each headphone within the Wicked Audio line offers consumers an aesthetically appealing accessory and a superior listening experience. These headphones are designed with durable plastic, comfortable ear cushions, and feature vibrant color choices. Each plug is gold-plated to prevent corrosion, and each cord is 1.2 meters long to ensure optimum flexibility while listening on the go.

o The Chill line offers on-the-ear headphones with a groovy look and high fidelity sound, guaranteed to add funk to anyone’s look and is available in three stylish color schemes: gold, white and black. $14.99

o The Reverb line, inspired by city streets, infuses an urban appearance and over-the-ear design, along with enhanced bass, that delivers earth shaking sound. $29.99

o The Tour line is composed of stylish on-the-ear headphones decked out in three bright, dual-color designs with a glossy finish, that provide the ultimate edgy look. $19.99

“Our newest Wicked Audio line introduces fashionable designs that trump any other headphone on the market,” said Paul Marshall, VP of Sales, Empire Brands. “With the massively positive response we have received to our earbud collections, we are pleased to offer Empire Brands’ customers an alternative way to continue to enjoy a stylish listening experience.”

The Chill, Reverb and Tour are currently available at FYE and other select international retailers.

These headphones will be great for the fashion conscious listener and will most likely provide the clarity and fidelity that one would expect from headphones in this price range. If you have a pair of Wicked Audio headphones, drop by our review section and let us know what you think!

For more information on Empire Brands and its newest Wicked Audio headphones, please contact PR representative Kristen Bean at kristenbean@maxborgesagency.com or 305-576-1171 ext. 23.

About Empire Brands

Empire Brands designs and manufactures aesthetically appealing and visually striking headphones. The company’s current lines include: Wicked Audio, Pure Sound and EarHugger, all of which fuse style and superior sound quality. Empire Brands distributes its products to over 10,000 retail outlets in 6 different countries. Major retailer partners include Verizon Wireless, Frys Electronics, Big Lots and Kmart. For more product information, please visit our website at www.empirebrandsinc.com.

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