ASK Video Announces The Studio Edge: Pro Audio Recording Tutorial DVD

(AlexV | Posted 2010-07-29)

ASK Video Announces The Studio Edge: Pro Audio Recording Tutorial DVD

Studio Concepts, Gear and the Physics of Sound by Jim Pavett

ASK Video Interactive Media, a leading creator of software tutorials on DVD, announces The Studio Edge: Pro Audio Recording Series Tutorial on DVD. The first installment, entitled Studio Concepts, Gear & the Physics of Sound by Jim Pavett, is designed to give home recording enthusiasts a solid grounding in audio engineering and sound recording.

"More and more people are recording at home instead of going to professional studios," says Steve Kostrey, President of ASK Video. "The technology involved has become so accessible that almost anyone can start up their own studio. However, it's not enough to simply have the required equipment. You need to know what it does and how to use it. Jim does an excellent job of building a solid base of understanding and technique to help you get the most from your gear and your studio."

In this first installment of The Studio Edge, users will learn the fundamentals of sound engineering that are crucial to success in the studio. Understanding the physics of sound and how to properly use things like compression make all the difference in the quality of recordings. The tutorial's author, Jim Pavett, provides a detailed overview on every aspect of the recording process, with hands on projects covering how to set up monitors, how to handle phase issues, and how to properly place microphones. Although there is some theory involved, everything is explained clearly, complete with hundreds of helpful visuals.

The DVD uses ASK Videos proven user interface to present more than 3 hours of instruction divided into 92 high-quality video chapters. The chapters range from physics of sound topics such as Sound Waves, Ohm's Law, Frequency, and Phase, to studio concepts like Headroom, Compression, EQ, and Delay/Reverb as well as covering specifics related to studio gear such as Microphone Placement, Patch Bays, MIDI, Computers, and more.

Throughout the tutorial, Jim also gives opportunities for the user to get involved. Whether it's figuring out which frequency your hearing tops out at, or moving around the room to figure out the best placement for the monitors, there are tons of practical lessons to try out.

Tutorials for software like ProTools, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live have been out for years but the general education of sound physics and recording techniques has been somewhat neglected. You can know all about music theory but that doesn’t make you a great piano player. Likewise, you can know everything about ProTools but that doesn’t make you engineer. The Studio Edge will provide aspiring recording engineers with the tools to learn more about your ears, which is to the engineer what the brush is to the artist. Tune these valuable instruments and in return you will begin hearing things such as compression, EQ, and Delay/Reverb. The Studio Edge seems to be a great starting point for any person really wanting to learn and understand the art of recording.

Pricing and Availability:

The Studio Edge: Pro Audio Recording Series, Studio Concepts, Gear & the Physics of Sound will be available for $69.99 USD. Pre-order for $55.99 for a limited time. For more information and video demo, visit

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About Jim Pavett

With over 25 years of experience in the recording studio and owner of the commercial recording studio Allusion Studios in Tucson, AZ, Jim is a pool of knowledge on sound recording and engineering. He is skilled in all aspects of audio production, and with his degree in electrical engineering he understands the dynamics between the music and the equipment.

About ASK Video

ASK Video Interactive Media is a professional audio/video company based in Ontario, Canada. Well versed in today's cutting edge technology, ASK Video uses high quality video and audio to bring a rich and inviting learning experience to digital audio and video customers around the world through interactive video DVD's. ASK Video also provides professional audio services from their state-of-the-art studio facility as well as professional video services complete with on-site shooting, editing, and post-production.

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