Be a digital music know it all! - New Training course from DMD.

(ctargia | Posted 2010-07-30)

Be a digital music know it all! - New Training course from DMD.

Digital Music Doctor announces the release of a new video training course, Digital Producer - Know It All! This course contains over 5 hours of interactive videos which cover all major aspects of creating music from digital sources: loops, synthesizers, and samplers. It encompasses a wide variety of musical genres, everything from making beats to creating orchestral tracks, and presents a number of examples using popular virtual instruments.

This course is a complete guide to making music using digital sources - loops, synthesizers, and samplers. The Overview and Concepts sections present a brief history of digital music production and the role of the producer as well as providing a foundation of basic audio and MIDI concepts used throughout the course. There are two general sections, Synths & Samplers and Time & Pitch which illustrate the techniques of digital music production. These sections use examples primarily from Native Instruments Absynth and Kontakt as well as Pro Tools Elastic Audio, FL Studio, and Spectrasonics Stylus RMX.

There are four sections which address creating music for specific instrument groups: The Drums section uses examples from FXpansion BFD and GURU as well as Ableton Live Impulse and FL Studio. The Guitar & Bass section focuses on East-West Ministry of Rock, MusicLab RealGuitar, and Spectrasonics Trilian. The Jazz & Orchestra section includes examples from East-West Symphonic Orchestra, Garritan Jazz & Big Band, Synthogy Ivory Grand Pianos, and the Kontakt Vienna Symphony Library. The Vocals section covers vocal editing and processing using Antares Autotune, Melodyne Celemony and the Waves Vocal Bundle as well as addressing such topics as harmony, Vocoders, stutter, and vocal extraction.

This is the third release of the course and incorporates a number of new discussions and examples including:

  • East-West Symphonic Orchestra
  • Native Instruments Alicia's Keys Piano Antares Autotune
  • Lady Gaga 'Poker Face' Bass Patch
  • Plogue Bidule Instrument Layering

    Digital Producer - Know It All! is presented using Adobe Flash and is available in DVD and digital download formats for Microsoft Windows XP/7 and Apple Macintosh OS X.

    Digital Producer - Know It All! is available at the Digital Music Doctor web site and as well as various online publishers and pro audio dealers. The Digital Music Doctor web site also features demos of the course. This course is part of the Know It All! series which provides training for DigiDesign Pro Tools, Steinberg Cubase, Cakewalk Sonar, Apple Logic Pro, Image Line FL Studio, Ableton Live, MOTU Digital Performer Sony Sound Forge pro audio software.

    The Course is currently available on sale this month for digital download, for $24.95, or on DVD for $24.95 plus shipping. Visit there website to order.

    About Digital Music Doctor
    Digital Music Doctor produces Pro Audio video courses for musicians. Our goal is to create courses for Digital Audio Workstations as well as other digital Pro Audio and music-related topics designed to provide a good foundation for the most popular software tools used by musicians. We include example projects or sessions with each product course which draw from different musical genres.

    Digital Music Doctor was formed in 2003 with the release of our Sonar 2 course for Cakewalk Sonar. This course represented the first video tutorial to be created for a major music production software product. In 2005 we pioneered digital downloads of complete video courses which now represent approximately half of our sales. Thousands of musicians from all over the world have now enjoyed the benefits of these courses. As of 2010 we have customers in 45 countries from Australia to Zimbabwe.

    Digital Music Doctor was founded by Clark Murray who has produced four albums over the past decade and is a voting member of The Recording Academy (Grammy). The first two, Coeur du Soleil and Yosemite Journey featured New Age stylings. He then turned to the Swing era and created Big Band Swing arrangements of traditional melodies for Swing Out America and Swing Out Santa.

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