Pacific Drums Launch Complete Kit in a Box

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-08-04)

Pacific Drums Launch Complete Kit in a Box

Pacific Drum and Percussion (PDP) is known for offering affordable drum kits combined the construction quality of DW drums. Following the success of the Z5 series, which are likely the most affordable 5-piece kits on the market today (priced at only $242.99), PDP recently announced their new entry-level drum set line: The Mainstage Series. The Mainstage is a pre-configured kit that includes drums, pedals, hardware, cymbals and a throne. If you are looking to buy a decent kit at a nice price, this is the way to go. Even the cheapest PDP drum kits have the ability to sound great. When comes to professional sounding drums, tuning and skin choice are the two main factors that make a huge difference in this aspect of the instrument.

Available in two distinct colors, Bronze Metallic and Black Metallic, the 5-piece kits come in F.A.S.T.(tm) sizes, which include 8x10", 9x12", 14x16" toms, 16x22" kick and matching 5x14 snare with a lightweight Pacific hardware pack containing a CB700 cymbal boom stand, CS700 straight cymbal stand, SS700 snare stand, HH700 hi-hat stand and drum throne. The complete set-up also includes Sabian SBR crash, ride and hi-hat cymbals made from pure brass, with a hammered and lathed surface, that produces a tightly focused, high pitch sound. The 4-piece cymbal pack includes 13" top and bottom hi-hats, 20" ride and 16" crash. Cymbals are included with this new PDP kit in the US only, for international markets this offer may vary. The Mainstage Series complete kit has retail price is $1,166.99 but you can order it online for only $699.00 in the PDP website.

One again PDP focuses on helping new drummers (and parent of aspiring drummers) to have a one-stop solution for the challenge of choosing and purchasing their first drum kit.

For further information, visit or contact your local DW drum dealer.

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