Defeat Gravity with the Zero-G Drumstick Holder

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-08-05)

Defeat Gravity with the Zero-G Drumstick Holder

If youíve ever wanted to strategically stick your spare drumsticks in unconventional places around your kit but you didnít know how, the Floridian company Maxonix might be able to help. The Zero-G Anti-Gravity Drumstick Holder was designed to do just that, helping drummers have more comfortable and more convenient stick retrieval.

The Zero-G hold all standard stick sizes and can be mounted just about anywhere. On Hi-Hat stands, Cymbal stands & boom arms, drum hoops/rims (snare, toms, timbales, etc.), bass drum hoops, floor tom legs, drum stands, drum racks, stand legs, sheet music holder top or stand, some suspension mount hardware, mic stands & booms, table edges, throne legs, throne post and more, keeping sticks closer to where you need them. Adjust it to grip and hold different contours along a stick and you are even able to fit 2 different stick sizes at once.

The secret of the shock-mounted device is found in its resilient FlexiGrip-Clips which automatically self-adjust to hold different stick sizes simultaneously and keep them from rattling or buzzing. If they get stretched out or bent over they can be returned to their regular shape by adjusting, rebending &/or re-setting them. To "re-set" the clips just bend them in the opposite direction & hold for a few seconds. The ball-ends can also be twisted together so that they interlock. Leave them for 15 min or even overnight, depending on how much adjustment is needed, to tighten the clips. When used on drum hoops, the Zero-G has the added advantage of being able to provide extra drum head damping if used in a special way (while still holding sticks at the same time). Since the bracket pad has small ridges, it's possible to fine tune the bracket angle, as well as the amount of pressure from the thumb screw, to get different amounts of damping to fit your personal needs.

You can order the Zero-G Anti-Gravity Drumstick Holder at Currently priced at $34.99.

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