SilverFox Percussion Releases Three New Sticks

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-08-10)

SilverFox Percussion Releases Three New Sticks

Silverfox Percussion is a company barely known among drummers, despite its 23 years of providing quality equipment. Located in Woburn, MA, this company offers an extensive list of drumsticks, brushes, rods and mallets (Marching, timpani and keyboard). Recently, along with the launch of their new website, SilverFox added three new sticks to their product catalogue, the Thrasher, El Calor, and NiteStalks.

In conjunction with Mark Castillo (Bury Your Dead, Between the Buried and Me), SilverFox has made the new SilverFox Thrasher™ (priced at $15), a double-ended monster of a drumstick. With a .625″ diameter and 16.25″ in length, these sticks are sure to hit harder and last longer night after night. As the name suggests, these sticks were specifically designed for all hard rock/ metal drummers. They are coated with SilverFox’s exclusive Duracrylix finish, enhancing durability and provides a smooth, easy-to-grip surface. Along similar lines, SilverFox has made another double-ended stick, the El Calor™ timbale stick that has 16” in length, .535” butt and .250” neck diameters. Al Green’s longtime percussionist and SilverFox endorser Terick Verges was responsible for putting these to the test and the results were sticks’ with durability, balance, and great feel, perfect for "warming-up" any Latin beat. The SilverFox NiteStalks™, currently priced at $30, are 16" multirods with twenty-five nylon bristles secured to a 5/8"-diameter plastic handle. Each rod features a firmness adjustment band that controls the feel and flex of the bristles. The O-ring also works for stiffening (drumstick-feel) or softening (brush-feel) these new stickbag tools. The NiteStalker is great for various rhythmic applications.

SilverFox Percussion is a company to be kept in mind every time you search for a new pair of drumstick. Its secretive existence in the music industry is what makes this two decade old company focus on offering drummers products with unparalleled quality, a goal established by its founder Al LeMert.

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