Peterson releases clip-on strobe tuner for acoustic instruments

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-08-10)

Peterson releases clip-on strobe tuner for acoustic instruments

Strobe tuners once were the only tuners available, and you paid a premium price for accuracy. Peterson Strobe Tuners brought the price down to reasonable levels with its VSS2 StrobeStomp, and now has broken the price barrier again with the new clip-on-style strobe StroboClip™.

Designed for acoustic instruments, the StroboClip contains many new features not found in traditional clip-on tuners. The large strobe display maximizes the StroboClip's screen area by moving the strobe bands horizontally, rather than vertically as in previous strobe tuner models, to guarantee easy viewing in various lighting conditions.

New and exclusive Sweetened Tuning® presets for banjo, mandolin, and ukulele offer dedicated settings for players of these instruments to facilitate tuning. A variety of other presets including Dobro®, lap steel, and settings for the violin family come standard in the StroboClip. Settings for eclectic instruments such as lute, bagpipes, and oud are also covered along with additional Eastern Temperament settings for instruments of the like.

The StroboClip also features an exclusive Sustain mode™. In Sustain mode, the StroboClip can be set to hold the tuning pattern for a short time after the note has decayed so that instruments with short voices, such as banjo and mandolin, can be tuned quickly and easily. For regular tuning, the Sustain mode feature can be turned off.

“Musicians have been asking for the convenience of a clip-on tuner that has the accuracy and real-time tuning of a strobe tuner for a long time,” says John Norris, Peterson Sales Manager. "Many features with a low price point is what the target was and we feel we hit the mark with this product."

The StroboClip is encased in a brushed aluminum shell to help it withstand the rigors of the road and the included cushioned, metal carrying case will keep it safe when not in use. Soft, rubber pads in the jaws of the StroboClip protect the instrument's finish while providing a firm grip for maximum signal conductivity.

* Smallest Multi-Temperament Tuner
* 1/10 Cent Accurate
* Smooth, Real-Time Display
* Alternate Temperament Presets (Including Buzz Feiten Tuning System®)
* Includes Eastern Temperament Presets
* Drop/Capo Setting
* Adjustable Key
* 25 Exclusive Peterson Sweeteners™/Temperaments
* Adjustable Concert A Reference: 400Hz to 490Hz
* Auto Sleep And Power Off For Battery Saving
* Low Power Consumption
* Virtual Strobe™ Patented Technology

The MSRP of the StroboClip has an MSRP of $89.99 and a street price of $69.99. Visit or for more information.

Look for an in-depth review of the Strobo-Clip on MGR in the near future.From a press release.

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