TAMAís Superstar Hyper-Drive Limited Edition

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-08-11)

TAMAís Superstar Hyper-Drive Limited Edition

Once again TAMA continues to release limited edition products, making you feel like youíve gotten your hands on something exclusively unique. This time itís the Superstar Hyper-Drive drum kitís turn to get a new finish. Only 30 of these 7-piece drum kits will be available in the popular White Satin Haze finish, so you better hurry up if you want to be part of the selective group privileged with ownership.

Like the others Superstar Hyper-Drive models, this drum set also features the Hyper-Drive toms that are shallow in depth and offer enhanced attack and quick response. Their sizes also allow you to position the rack toms much lower than conventional toms. The New Combination Stand offers much greater positioning and flexibility of tom toms. By loosening the bolt on the tom holder, toms can be easily adjusted forward or back (60mm maximum). TAMAís original Stilt system tripod provides back and forth adjustment from the base of the stand allowing you to bring the rack toms in even when you canít move the stand any closer. All Superstar rack toms are fitted with a Star-Cast Mounting System similar to Starclassic drums. This system offers total tom isolation and unhindered shell resonance without the adverse effect on tuning or complicated head changes found in less advanced suspension designs.

Providing thunderous low end combined with maximum resonance, this drum kit comes with the 20Ē x 22Ē Ultra Deep bass drum. The full, powerful character and rich resonance of the Superstar drums are achieved by utilizing selected birch shells (Bass Drum: 7-ply, 7mm -
Tom Tom, Floor Tom & Snare Drum: 6ply, 6mm) and focusing on shell molding and the bearing edge shape. In Superstar Hyper-Drive, all shell hardware is Black Nickel Plated, giving the drums a distinctive, high-end image. The Sound Bridge high-tension, low-mass lug was specifically designed for Superstar. Sound Bridge's unique structure looks much like a traditional high-tension lug, but the body of the lug "floats" over the shell to minimize shell contact so the drum can resonate to its fullest. However, Sound Bridge still offers all the benefits of the traditional high-tension lug: it offsets the tension of the batter side and bottom side heads, reduces the stress on the shell, and provides greater protection to the drum shell during transport.

Contact your local TAMA dealer to learn how to purchase the Superstar Hyper-Drive Limited Edition. Expect to spend 1G+ for it, as its 6-piece sibling costs $1,039 at MusiciansFriend.com. Visit www.tama.com for more information about their complete drum product line.

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