KickPort now available in white

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-08-11)

KickPort  now available in white

Introduced to the market in 2009, the KickPort bass drum tone enhancer quickly became one of the most talked-about drum accessories in recent years and has received numerous industry awards and international acclaim. World famous drummers, recording engineers and producers have all praised the impressive results achieved by incorporating this innovative new product to their bass drums. The KickPort now is being offered in white, not just for better matching to white resonant heads but also to stand out when installed on black or clear drumheads.

The KickPort enhances the sound of a kick drum by doing four very distinctive things:

  • It ports the kick drum in the same manner as a bass reflex speaker cabinet which boosts low frequencies.

  • It adds ideal dampening directly to the resonant head which allows you to remove most if not all of the internal materials thus reclaiming all of the natural resonance and tone of your drum.

  • It focuses the air as it exits the kick drum and this compression increases punch. 

  • It’s tunable due to its broadband design, The KickPort® improves the sound of bass drums sized 16” to 28.” It can be tuned up or down by adjusting the tuning of the resonant head.

    The overall result is more lows, more tone, better definition and more punch in varying acoustical environments. Additionally, these are benefits the drummer also can feel behind the kit.

    You can check a quick video about the audio analysis of a kick drum with and without the KickPort installed, presented by nothing less than its inventor Sammi Millender, by clicking on the following link.

    An instructional video about how quickly and easy the KickPort can be installed is also available.

    The KickPort currently has a price tag of $39.95 in most online and retail stores around the country. For further information and support about this product, visit From a press release.

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