TAMA’s Limited Edition Metalworks Steel Snare Drum

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-08-12)

TAMA’s Limited Edition Metalworks Steel Snare Drum

The Metalworks Steel Snare Drum is the second release of TAMA’s limited edition snares for 2010. Following the release of the Starphonic Stainless Steel model, this Metalworks snare comes with some nice features and a price that makes it truly a steal.

Featuring a very rugged steel shell that provides a sharp loud crack, the 5x14 inches Metalworks snare drum display a 1.0mm steel shell that really cuts through the mix and allows the drum to perform at its maximum potential, creating a crisp and dry sound. A flat, brushed black nickel finish create a unique, industrial look that's the perfect visual match for sound of steel. The new look is also made up of a new die-cast metal emblem that helps differentiate the Metalworks snare drum from the typical badges found on ordinary drums in this price range. This TAMA limited edition snare comes with the Evans Uno G Plus Coated head that delivers the open and warm tone of a single-ply while the added thickness of its exclusive 12mil film provides increased durability, attack, and projection for hard hitters. The Evans Uno G Plus produces a definitive crack while maintaining an ambient sound.

It's hard to think of anything more important to your music than having the right snare sound. Quite a few drummers use more than one snare drum on stage as well as when recording. The tonal character of the snare drum is determined by many factors such as the shell material, shell size, shell thickness, snappy snare, and hoops. Changing your kit like a guitarist changes guitars isn't a realistic option. But you can change your snare drum relatively easily. That's why drum companies like Tama constantly expands its snare drum line to give drummers a wider range of sounds and textures.

There are only 150 TAMA Limited Edition Metalworks Steel Snare Drum available in the USA, so hurry up. Because of its super affordable price (only $149.99), I’m sure they won’t last long.

For more information about the Limited Edition Metalworks Steel Snare Drum and other TAMA products, please visit www.tama.com.

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