Review: Yael’s DVD Takes You On a Lovely Journey

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-08-15)

Review: Yael’s DVD Takes You On a Lovely Journey

Recently released, The Love Project Journey DVD is a documentary featuring independent drummer Yael. On this 70-minute movie, you will ride with her on a 3-year journey through 11 studios, accompanied by a total of 14 musicians of various musical backgrounds including world famous drummers Terry Bozzio and Roy Mayorga.

The Love Project was conceptualized by Yael in 2005, her goal being to gather a bunch of her talented musician-friends and put them in a studio, letting them do what they do best. This DVD provides a window into this experience, allowing the viewer to be a fly on the wall during these recording sessions while Yael brings you on her journey across the country.

The DVD package includes an EP of 5 of the songs whose recording processes are features on the film. I would recommend listening to the EP prior to watching the film, as knowing the music prior to watching its creation makes the movie much more enlightening and enjoyable. The final musical product is very experimental, passing through classical, jazz, metal and middle-eastern genres. I suppose the label of “world music” would describe it best. Besides great performances from our protagonist and her friends, (I would personally highlight the ones done at Drum Channel Studios with Terry Bozzio) another thing I liked a lot are the comments and interviews throughout the film, which offer plenty of wisdom and advice about the recording mindset from all those involved in the project. The bonus materials feature additional behind-the-scenes footage and a few extra jam performances that bring you even closer to the core of the making of this documentary. The modern way of how the movie was shot and edited adds a lot to the enjoyment, and even the package is tastefully and artistically put together.

If Yael’s intensions are to take the viewer on her deep and inspirational journey, then it’s a job well done. Portraying a story for the love of music, this DVD will inspire musicians of all genres and tastes.

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