Zildjian Introduces Gen16 Digital Vault

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-08-19)

Zildjian Introduces Gen16 Digital Vault

Is it time for Zildjian to go through their vault? The answer: Yes. By hopping on the sampling software train, Zildjian announced The Gen16 Digital Vault which will be launched via their newly dedicated website, gen-16.com. It is a collection of authentic, high-resolution acoustic samples of the company’s most exclusive “reference” cymbals, some of them being rare cymbals that haven’t even had the chance to be released to the public.

Zildjian’s master cymbal tester, Paul Francis, was the one responsible for meticulously choosing each cymbal for the Gen16 Digital Vault. Those hand-selected cymbals were then recorded by sampling master John Emrich. The Gen16 Digital Vault is powered by a custom version of the FXpansion BDF Eco, providing an easy to use drum playback and production environment that is based on BFD2 technology. The BFD eco allows you to manipulate pitch, mix and effects for every sample, granting you near endless possibilities when creating you own original sound. And if you thought that cymbals were all you were going to find on this pack, you thought wrong. The Gen16 also includes full libraries of drum and percussion samples by top-notch drummers such as Michael White, Dave DiCenso and Peter Michael Escovedo. All the performances are available in audio and MIDI formats to give you plenty of options when composing.

"The Gen16 Digital Vault is truly the most unique and powerful cymbal library ever created, and a must-have for any serious sample library. It's classic Zildjian sounds, but it’s like nothing you've ever heard before." - comments the company's chief executive officer Craigie Zildjian about this upcoming release. I guess some of us will just have to wait and see. For the inpatient ones, there is a chance to get your hand on the Gen16 Digital Vault before everyone else. A handful of lucky users can check out Gen16 before its release, via the First Look public beta campaign. To apply visit http://www.gen-16firstlook.com/home/index/2040.0

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