The latest from Evans: EMAD Resonant and Power Center

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-08-19)

The latest from Evans: EMAD Resonant and Power Center

EMAD Resonant Bass Head -

After the extreme success of Evans EMAD (Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping) Bass Batter Heads, the company was flooded with requests for a resonant EMAD version. Answering those requests, Evans recently added to their catalogue of world famously top quality drumheads the EMAD Resonant Bass Head. The concept of the EMAD was first brought to Evans attention by drummer and designer Bob Gatzen. The idea was then refined by the Evans’ Research and Development Team. The EMAD resonant was designed to offer drummers a simple, quick way to change their drumhead sound without having to remove the head. . Like the batter, the EMAD resonant allows the player to toggle between three different levels of attack and sustain. The EMAD Resonant utilizes a 7mil head with a fixed internal ring. It features two interchangeable foam rings that dampen overtones around the edge of the 5" offset port, focusing the pitch and enhancing attack. The port is positioned higher up on the head for easier microphone placement. The firmer dark colored foam rings enhances attack, controls sustain and focus low-end. The softer lighter colored foam ring gives a round tone and moderately controlled sustain (great for smaller drums and high pitch tuning). The Evans EMAD Resonant Bass Head is offered in sizes 18" to 24" and is available for a retail price that ranges from $49 to $61.

Power Center Tom Head

First introduced at 2010 NAMM Show in Anaheim CA, the Power Center Tom Heads were conceptualized to offer vintage sound through contemporary design. Featuring graduated film thickness (10-mil film for heads sized from 6” – 12” and 12-mil film on 13” – 18”) and graduated dot sizes creating a balanced sound across the kit. Utilizing the same technology of the EC Snare heads, the underside center dot allows the head to flex and vibrate more naturally for un-choked resonance. The Power Center heads were especially designed for drummers that are looking to achieve that classic 70’s drums sound while providing them modern consistency and quality tom drumheads. The Evans’ Power Center Tom Heads can be found for a retail price that ranges from $26 to $48.

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