Toontrack Releases Steven Slate S2.0 Producer Presets

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-08-19)

Toontrack Releases Steven Slate S2.0 Producer Presets

Toontrack is releasing a new S2.0 Producer Presets pack for the Superior Drummer. Following the release of producer and remix artist Allen Morgan presets for Superior Drummer, itís now Steven Slateís turn. As one of the top names in the Music and Recording industry, world famous artists like Train, Black Eyed Peas and Nickelback are a few of the names who have used Steven Slateís industry standard drum software. The Slate Digital line combines Steven's revolutionary ideas and concepts for the future of the pro audio industry with complex algorithms designed by partner Fabrice Gabriel. The Slate Digital "FG-X" Processor is already being used in top mastering studios all across the world. This producer, engineer, and songwriter who has penned singles for major new pop artists, and mixed albums for legends such as George Lynch, is also responsible for the concept and creation of the Slate Pro Audio DRAGON analog hardware (which quickly became one of the fastest selling pro audio pieces in 2010).

Teaming up with Steven Slate, Toontrack is bringing to all Superior Drummer 2.0 users premium producer presets designed by Steven himself, showing his highly prolific signature sound on each of these presets. The Steven Slate S2.0 Producer Presets contains seven different presets: Basic Rock, Cranky Funky Rock, Fat Metal, Fat Rock, Lively Rock, Punchy Rock and Radio Rock, working with the core Sound Library in Superior Drummer 2.0. The S2.0 Producer Presets series helps new music composers and producers to achieve major label sound on their project without having to go through the guesswork during songwriting.

As the Allen Morgan S2.0 Producer Presets pack, this one is also being sold for only $9. You can check and purchase the Steven Slate S2.0 Producer Presets by clicking the following link.

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