Review: The Alienesque Electronic EZX

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-08-23)

Review: The Alienesque Electronic EZX

Imagine a unique place where TR-606�s, 808�s, 707�s and 909�s can all be found, in their entirety, and also in a custom and harmoniously modified fashion. A place where Atari 2600, Commodore 64, synthesizers, and effect units are all melded together in circuit-bending ways for the creation of unique drum-sound textures. A place where the very essence of each electronic music genre collides, giving birth to a complete new world of beats composition. This aliensque place is not a product of one�s imagination, or may only be found in a galaxy far, far way. This place is very real and resides within anyone�s reach. This place is called Electronic EZX.

Released in 2009, the Electronic EZX marks the very first step for Toontrack towards the world of non-acoustic drum sample sounds. Conceptualized by Brad Bowden, this EZX pack was created utilizing a gianormous amount of the world�s top electronic instruments and effect processors (check the whole list of gear at the end of this article). The beauty of this product starts with the picturesque interface look. Forty-one pads superimposed over a dark green integrated circuit background, arranged in a way resembling an infinite symbol (perhaps symbolic suggestion of the infinite sound possibilities this products offers) gives a futuristic, extraterrestrial vibe to this EZX. Each of the pads contains dozens of different sound choices so you can customize your own kit sound. The amount of kicks, snares, hits, claps, taps, hats, noises, percussive elements and sound effects options is incredibly huge, it would just take too long to list them all here. The Preset Kits offers over 30 different ones, making even easier to find the perfect kit sound to any electronic composition. As part of EZdrummer capabilities, you can also save your on customized presets. The Grooves Library offers 19 different types of MIDI beats. Each one giving you the chance to play around with dozens of main beat variations and a few break/fill patterns.

If you thought this was all, you thought wrong! The Mixer Window grants you a few more fun, powerful, and creative options. Like The Claustrophobic, this EZX let you control some effects so you can reshape the beats and sounds for you personal taste. At the end of the Mixer you will find five mixing sliders that give you the power to manipulate amounts of Chorus, Echo SubTube, Bias, Attack and Tape effects on your beat. Need help mixing your groove? Not a problem. The Mixer offers you access to dozens of Sub-ID and Richard Devine ingenious created presets.

The intense amalgamation of sounds, textures, colors, noises, grooves and effects makes the Electronic EZX an instrument on it�s own and makes it a product that entices the mind and pushes the creative element in any electronic music composer to his limits.

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Gear utilized on creating the Electronic EZX:
1. Circuit Bent Yamaha RY-30 by Alien Devices
2. Circuit Bent Custom HR-16 bit by Burnkit 2600
3. Circuit Bent Speak N Spell by (Glitch Machines)
4. Circuit Bent Speak N Math by (Glitch Machines)
5. Circuit Bent Casio SK1-Fragment - Richard Devine Custom
6. Circuit Bent Synthax Cataract - Heavily modified Richard Devine
7. Custom of the Texas Instruments Touch & Tell. (Glitch Machines)
8. Circuit Bent Talking Teacher (Substitute Teacher) by Glitch Machines
9. Circuit Bent Logic Bomb Ultra-Casio SK-5 - Richard Devine Custom
10. Glitch Desk & Custom box by John at Highly Liquid, for the Circuit
11. Bent Modifications to the Roland TR-707 Drum Machine and Casio CZ-101
12. TR-606 Drum Machine custom mods by Tim Adams
13. TB-303 Devilfish Modifications by "Real World Interfaces" Robin Writtle
14. TR-808 Drum Machine Modified by Richard Devine & Josh Kay
15. Alesis Andromedia
16. Access Virus TI polar & Snow
17. Symbolic Sound Kyma System
18. Eventide Harmonizers H-8000FW & H3000DSE
19. Korg Chaos Pad KP3
20. Alesis Ineko Effects Unit
21. MFB-522 Analogue Drum Machine (Drum Computer)
22. MFB-Step 64 CV sequencer
23. MFB-Synth II
24. MFB-Synth Lite II
25. MFB Filter Box
26. Cwejman S1 Mk 2 Analogue Synthesizer
27. Arp-2600 modified by Phil Cirocco at C.M.S
28. TC Electronic FireworX effects processor
29. Doepfer Monster Case with modules from Harvestmann, Livewire, MakeNoise, Plan-B, Cwejman, and TipTop
30. Akai MPC 60
31. Circuit Bent Yamaha DD7 by Glitch Machines
32. Circuit Bent Commodore 64 by Waterhed- running Cynthcart
33. Circuit Bent Atari 2600 -running Synthcart
34. E-MU SP1200
35. Dave Smith Instruments- Mopho
36. Waldorf Pulse
37. Ensoniq EPS+
38. Shadow Hills GAMA Mic Pre
39. Neve 8816 Summing Mixer
40. SSL G Series Buss Compressor
41. Thermionic Devices Culture Vulture
42. Roland RE 20 Space Echo
43. SPL Transient Designer
44. Tandberg 1/4" Analog Tape Machine
45. Roland TR 909
46. Roland Juno 60
47. Sherman Filterbank
48. Inward Connections EQP2
49. Inward Connections VC500

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