Gretsch Drums Introduces Two New Kits

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-08-24)

Gretsch Drums Introduces Two New Kits

Gretsch introduced two new drum sets to their catalogue this month. The first is a New Classic Series Kit with a slick new finish. The second is a Renown Purewood Series Kit made of beech wood, which marks the very first time in Grestch history that beech wood has been used for their shell manufacturing.

The New Classic Series is Gretsch’s drumkit line that offers a vintage tone while producing a distinctive sound. Their maple shells are proportionately increased in thickness and diameter so they can give full and balanced tonality across the kit. Classy appointments include vintage styled tube lugs, the very low mass “ITS” integrated tom suspension system and 9025 hinged tom and floor tom leg brackets. This Retro vibe drum set is being offered in a shimmering Ocean Sparkle Burst lacquer finish. Its lacquer finish is hand applied and uses Gretsch’s exclusive Mixed Sparkle Technology, incorporating a meticulous blend of small, medium and large sparkles. The blue color burst pattern features gradual shade transitions accompanying the sparkle flake transitions. Shell color goes from deep blue at the top and bottom to a turquoise shade in the middle of the shell, radiating a rich and glittering finish.

This New Classic kit is available in three shell pack configurations:
NC-E824-OSB – 18 x 22 bass drum, 8 x 10 and 9 x 12 mounted toms, 14 x 14 floor tom. Retail - $3,615.00.
NC-S483-OSB – 14 x 18 bass drum, 8 x 12 mounted tom, 14 x 14 floor tom. Retail - $2,985.00.
NC-F604-OSB – 16 x 20 bass drum, 8 x 10 and 9 x 12 mounted toms, 14 x 14 floor tom. Retail - $3,460.00M.

Joining the Renown Purewood Oak released in 2009, this Grescth drum kit series production is now being limited (only 45 kits in the US) using beech wood. Once again Grescth is stepping into new wood territories in offering unique sounded kits. Gretsch’s Renown Purewood Beech 6-piece kit (RP-E826-BCH) features 100% 7-ply beech shells, 30-degree bearing edges and die cast hoops. To retain the natural beauty of the beech wood, the kit is finished in a medium/ dark cherry stain and the standard Renown gloss lacquer finish is applied. High quality triple chrome plated Renown hardware components complete the kit. Sizes: 18 x 22 bass drum, 8 x 10 tom, 9 x 12 tom, 14 x 14 floor tom, 16 x 16 floor tom and 6.5 x 14 10-lug snare. Retail: $3690.

This Gretsch kit also features matching beech bass drum hoops, non drillers bass drum (tom arms and clamps included), Chambered rubber FT feet and Evans G2 clear batter heads and EMAD Bass Drum batter head.

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