Drummer Antonio Trapanotto releases tutorial book

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-08-24)

Drummer Antonio Trapanotto releases tutorial book

Professor, columnist, and member of one of the first tango groups in Argentina (“Saxtango”), the South American Paiste endorsee, Antonio “Trapa” Trapanotto, has become one of the most respected “gaucho” drummers, boasting a successful drumming career that has taken him to work in the most diverse music areas including recording studios, television shows, live concerts, musical comedies, cultural projects, and education. Mr. Trapanotto began his percussion studies (timpani) with Master Antonio Yepes (permanent timpanist at Colon Theatre) in 1968 and then studying with Rolando Picardi. Along with singer Roque Narvaja and other professional musicians, he took part in the cultural project “group Chimango” with whom he recorded their self-titled release. This record was recorded for the enterprise CBS Columbia from Argentina and is considered one of the first releases of folk-fusion in the country. Currently working as the professor of Drums and Percussion at Hurlinghan Sta Hildas College and at Sir Thomas Mallory School, Anotnio also writes for one the most prestigious percussion magazines in that part of the world, the “Bateristas al Sur” magazine.

He has just released a tutorial book “Manual para el Baterista de Sesion”, which is divided in five chapters that present a valuable collection of exercises for all working session drummers. The main part of the book provides useful advice on sight reading, giving a general explanation about musical symbols and terms as well as tons of eludes in different meters including various rudimentary exercises. Besides reading, Antonio also focuses on big band drumming with examples of patters, typical kicks and fills. Lastly, the “Manual para el Baterista de Sesion” comes with a list of rhythms and styles from Bolero to Country, paying special attention to South American patterns that, in case you are not familiar with, can be heard on the CD included in the package.

You can learn more about Antonio “Trapa” Trapanotto by visiting his Paiste Artist Profile in the following link.

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