Nathan East chooses TC Electronic's Blacksmith bass setup

(Dave Molter | Posted 2011-08-08)

Nathan East chooses TC Electronic's Blacksmith bass setup

Nathan East is synonymous with ultimate bass sound as well as superior groove, feel and general musicianship. After having tried most high-end bass gear throughout his career, Nathan has now decided that TC Electronic’s Blacksmith amp and RS cabinets are the perfect combination for carrying on the legacy of his fantastic bass sound in the future!

”TC Electronic has always been one of my favorite companies, but has now taken bass amps to the next level with the new Blacksmith! It rocks loads of Power, an outstanding Tone and even has a built in Tuner!” says Nathan East.

Bass Product Manager at TC Electronic, Uffe Kjems Hansen, comments: “It is truly an honor for us that such a distinguished player as Nathan – a player with a career simply beyond comparison – has embraced our Bass Amp 2.0 concept for carrying on the legacy of his fantastic bass sound.”

As a musician of integrity, style and taste, Nathan East has recorded and performed with an extremely wide variety of top artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Sting, Quincy Jones, Eric Clapton, Babyface, Aretha Franklin, Joe Satriani, Usher, Ray Charles, Toto, Herbie Hancock, Larry Carlton, Al Jarreau, George Benson and countless others. In fact, anyone who has ever listened to the radio has definitely heard Nathan’s steady groove, musicality and tasteful sound, as he has laid down the bass lines on several Grammy Award-winning albums over the years.

In total, Nathan has appeared on more than a thousand recordings – a very impressive back catalog and an unquestionable proof of Nathan’s massive bass authority!

With Blacksmith on-stage, power is not an issue - large clubs, major venues or full-scale stadiums, Blacksmith covers it all. A massive 1600 watts delivers a huge bass tone that will follow your slightest move while playing those hard-rocking bass lines and hammering riffs.

Blacksmith offers more than excessive power, with renowned Bass amp 2.0 features such as integrated chromatic bass tuner, refined tone-shaping tools including 4 bands of EQ, SpectraComp™ 'per string compression', TubeTone™ 'complete Tube pre- and power amp recreation' and TweeterTone™ 'intelligent HF control' as well as the unique 3 user-defined memories, Blacksmith takes bass amplification to a new level in more than one respect.

Blacksmith is capable handling cabinet combinations all the way down to 2 ohms, so ultimately, you could fire up four RS410 cabinets simultaneously - that's 16 x 10” or 8.7 square foot of speaker cones blasting air in your direction.

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