“Neil Peart Drums Vol 1: The Kit” now available

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-08-30)

“Neil Peart Drums Vol 1: The Kit” now available

If you’ve ever dreamed of having Neil Peart’s drum sounds in your own tune, your dream is closer than ever to coming true. You won’t need to fly over to Canada either! Sonic Reality, a music software development company, announced the “Neil Peart Drums Vol 1: The Kit” drum sample software this past January at the NAMM 2010 Show. Now this one of a kind product is available for purchasing.

Legendary drummer Neil Peart teamed up with Sonic Reality and producer/engineer Nick Raskulinecz, who had produced Rush's latest and upcoming albums as well as worked with other world famous acts such as The Foo Fighters and Alice in Chains, to create a drum sample library that captures the authentic sound of Peart’s “Snake and Arrows” Custom DW Drum Kit. Offering an honest re-creation of Peart’s kit, including eight toms, three chinas, four crashes, three splashes, one ride, two snare, kicks and percussion accessories such as a cowbell, this piece of software comes with an array of advanced features including deep level dynamics, humanized random alternating hits, discrete multiple mic mixing, and much more. This sampled kit is a true software re-creation of Peart’s actual acoustic set as used live on tour and in the studio. Peart's drumming sessions were sampled with over 20 channels of Neve mic preamps, vintage tube mics, and multiple room positions. With the assistance of Don Lombardi and DrumChannel.com, every detail of this collection was captured in high-resolution audio.

The 12GB drum samples library comes mapped in GM, iMap, V-Drum, and a Custom Map mode that is meant to be controlled by almost any electronic drum, giving to the player the opportunity to really feel like they are sitting on Peart’s throne. It also includes ready-to-play discrete mic mixing and album-quality presets.

"Neil Peart Drums Vol 1: The Kit" is available now for $149 from Sonic Reality in either FXpansion BFD2 format or Native Instruments Kontakt format (requires Sonic Reality’s Infinite Player library). Downloadable versions are also available from www.esoundz.com.

For more information about this new release, please Sonic Reality at www.sonicreality.com.

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