Review: Find The Groove with Funkmasters EZX

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-09-02)

Review: Find The Groove with Funkmasters EZX

Released in 2008, the expansion pack for EZdrummer Funkmaster EZX is Toontrack’s answer for all funk and hip hop producers who want the chance to find their groove with the help of two of the most renown drummers in the funk world, Clyde Stubblefield and Jab’o Starks, who happen to be two of the drummers responsible for making James Brown the “hardest working man in show business”.

Two drummers, two drum kits, and two separate interfaces! That’s what you will find once you install this expansion pack. Funkmaster Clyde and Funkmaster Jab’o are two independent interfaces with their own drum sample sound but with a interconnected library of grooves. And this groove library is what makes the Funkmaster EZX the place where you can find YOUR groove. Each interface features drum kits that present the unmistakable sound these drum masters of funk helped to define. Clyde’s kit is a 5 piece Yamaha Birch Absolute with Meinl Cymbals (14” Hi hats, 18” Thin crash, 20” Medium ride) and woodblock. Jab’o’s kit is a 4-piece Yamaha Maple Custom with a Yamaha Mahogany snare drum, Meinl cymbals (14” Byzance Medium hi hats, 16” Byzance Medium crash, 18” Medium ride) and wood block.

Although it may have been cooler to have a bigger library of drum sample for both kits, the ones available have all the well-defined characteristics of the traditional funk beat sounds. Because of its skinny library, either interfaces only offers one option of pre-created preset kits, but nothing you couldn’t use to help create more. Toontrack really fixed their goal on this expansion pack to offer an excellent MIDI Groove Library of funk beats. Listed under EZX Funkmasters once you open the Groove Window, you will find 4 main sub-libraries of straight and swing beats: Jab’o Starks, Clyde Stubblefield, Played with Jab’o Kit and Played with Clyde Kit. Each of these sub-libraries come with dozens of grooves variation, fills and special beats. Each of these beats will definitely leave your funk groove appetite satisfied. Another cool feature on this EZX is its mixer presets, offering you 14 different, one-click-away preset mixes of the kit that can be used in many different composition situations. The Mixer also allows you to create your own presets and mixes by manipulating the mics on Kick and snare and with two effects, plate reverb and vinyl.

With Funkmasters EZX, Toontrack is able to give any producer the power to exploit the essence of funk created by two of its master drummers, Clyde Stubblefield and Jab’o Sparks. Every groove you play will make you feel like Clyde and Jab’o are playing right there with you, in your own studio. Through their unique and remarkable drumming style, Clyde and Jab’o make this EZX the place where you can really find the groove. The funk groove.

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