Vox AC1 RhythmVOX mini amp set for November 2010 release

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-09-03)

Vox AC1 RhythmVOX mini amp set for November 2010 release

VOX Amplification introduces the AC1 RhythmVOX Mini Guitar Amplifier with 66 user adjustable rhythm patterns. Ultra-small mini amps have gained great popularity for use as practice amps, due to their relatively low price, space-saving size and convenience of battery power. Expanding on the popular VOX AC1, the new AC1 RhythmVOX adds a wealth of features never before seen on a mini amp. The rhythm function provides a total of 66 Rhythm/Song Patterns.

The “Rhythm” section of the AC1 RhythmVOX is both a guide to help keep the beat, and a way to work out original ideas and riffs. It can also be used as a rhythm trainer for practicing and to accompany jam sessions. Ten Rhythm Patterns include standards such as 8 beat, 16 beat and blues, as well as funk, reggae and even complex irregular patterns. One song pattern also contains an extended, multi-measure drum part. The Rhythm Patterns and Song Patterns allow users to play with realistic drum tracks. Each rhythm provides six variations, for a total of 66 rhythms. The tempo and volume of each rhythm pattern can be intuitively controlled, and users can quickly recall the rhythm pattern they want.

The AC1 RhythmVOX is also a fully-functioning guitar amplifier. It includes a full complement of gain, tone and volume controls, letting users dial-in a broad range of sounds to suit their taste. A pair of three-inch speakers delivers a full-bodied sound. The tone in the RhythmVOX is based on the analog circuitry developed for the acclaimed amPlug series of headphone amps. Finally, an OVERDRIVE switch provides more sonic variation. Users can switch it on for a high-gain tone; switch it off for a bright, clean classic VOX chime.

A dedicated E-string tuner is built-in, along with a headphone jack that can be used for private practice and an AUX IN jack that allows users to connect an MP3 player or other external audio source and jam along. Convenient battery power lets users plug in to the AC1 RhythmVOX any time, any place. An optional AC adapter is also available.

The VOX AC1 RhythmVOX will be available November 2010 for a U.S. MSRP of $59.99.

For more information, please visit www.voxamps.com.

From a press release.

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