Vox unveils new handwired AC amp series

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-09-03)

Vox unveils new handwired AC amp series

VOX Amplification has announced an entirely new lineup of hand-wired AC15 and AC30 amplifiers. Created for the amp enthusiast, the Hand-Wired Series includes innovations to satisfy the versatility a modern player needs. Included are four combo models, plus a head and matching extension cabinet.

The ultimate take on the VOX classics, these amplifiers make use of high quality components, an all-tube design, hand-wired turret board construction, and over 50 years of VOX AC15 and AC30 refinements.

Finished in fawn-colored vinyl reminiscent of the 1960s AC amplifiers, the birch-ply cabinets feature solid, tight bracing and a natural high frequency diffuser. Matched Ruby Tubes are used throughout for an extended dynamic range. All models provide three 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes. The AC30 models are equipped with an EL84 quartet in the power stage and a GZ34 rectifier. Inside the AC15 models, a duet of EL84 tubes drive the power stage, while an EZ81 is used for the rectifier. The 12-inch speaker choices include the Celestion GM12 Greenback or Celestion AlNiCo Blue.

The models in the VOX Hand-Wired Series utilize the traditional VOX two-channel design, offering a Normal and a Top-Boost channel, with High and Low inputs provided for each. A number of important features have been added to allow modern versatility. The Normal channel is equipped with a BRIGHT switch for added brilliance. The HOT/COOL switch (also accessible via the included VFS1 footswitch) allows the Top-Boost channel to achieve even more gain.

In true “old-school” fashion, the MV/BYPASS completely bypasses the Master Volume section. Finally, the Output Power (OP) switch will cut the amp’s output power in half, making it easier to balance the need for gain against a range of listening levels. A custom-fit dust cover is included with every model.

The VOX Hand-Wired Series begins shipping October 2010 and includes:

AC15HW1 Hand-wired combo amp; Celestion G12M Greenback $1600

AC15HW1X Hand-wired combo amp; Celestion Alnico Blue $2000

AC30HW2 Hand-wired combo amp; Celestion G12M Greenback (x2) $2200

AC30HW2X Hand-wired combo amp; Celestion Alnico Blue (x2) $2600

AC30HWH Hand-wired head $1750

V212HWX Hand-wired extension cabinet; Celestion Alnico Blue (x2) $1500

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