Introducing The BumChum

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-09-07)

Introducing The BumChum

It feels like it has taken a long time for someone to come up with the amazingly simple and creative idea that is the BumChum. Every drummer knows how hard it can be to hear and feel that low end pumping bass drum on stage. The feeling is needed not only to make you feel like the most powerful man (or woman) in the world, but it is also needed to give you the boost needed to deliver a great drum performance. Until now, such a thing could only be accomplished by at least one, or a stack of (if you play big stages) subs and a great sound guy. Enter the BumChum.

The BumChum is a silent bass drum monitoring system that uses the most powerful Tactile Generator available, which is also used on American military simulators, built into your very own throne top and coupled to a flight-cased electronic pack (Amp, preamp, inputs and outputs mic and line, protection circuitry, and volume and tone controls). It is the amplified Tactile Generator Monitor System that turns the bass drum(s) - or any other signal for that matter - into a physical thump up through the drum stool. This thump is registered through bone conduction, which is a big part of how low frequencies are heard anyway. The whole system takes under 2 mins to rig up. Open the flight-case, plug in the bass drum mic directly (or line from the monitor desk), connect the power lead, connect the throne to the box, switch on. Because of its compact size the BumChum is great not only for big stage drummers but for the pub giggin’ ones as well.

The BumChum is currently priced at £1199 (≈$1900).


BumChum "Engine" Flightcase 
with all leads and accessories

Dimension: 28cm x 28cm x 30cm. (11" X 11" X 12")

Weight: 10Kg (22lbs) 


Mic in: 600 ohm electronically balanced P2 hot
Line in: 10K ohm electronically balanced P2 hot

Mix out: 10K ohm balanced. max +4dBm

Treble +/- 12dB @ 5Khz shelving
Bass +/- 12dB @ 40Hz shelving

Max output: 150W RMS / 4ohm 0.05%THD 20hz-20khz +/- 2dB.

Anti-thump and 3 stage noiseless dynamic load
protection circuitry built-in

BumChum Throne Top

36cm diameter X 11cm deep. (14" dia X 4.5" deep)

Weight: 8Kg (17.5lbs)

Connection between Engine and Throne
Speakon NL2 to Speakon NL2

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