Alesis Releases the Q25 MIDI Controller

(ShackMan | Posted 2010-09-10)

Alesis Releases the Q25 MIDI Controller

Personally, I sit right on the verge of being a "tweaker" when it comes to keyboards. I love having every parameter available at the touch of a button, and I will adjust each and every one to the last until I like exactly what I'm getting. That, however, is not the purpose of Alesis' Q25. This 25-key keyboard is the answer to everyone who's ever looked around at MIDI controllers and wished that they didn't have so many buttons - that he or she could just plug it in and play.

The Q25 is a 25-note keyboard controller that works with virtually all music software and MIDI hardware devices. The compact controller features USB-MIDI and traditional MIDI jacks for easy connection to Mac, PC and MIDI hardware. That should cover all bases.

On the front panel, the Q25 provides keyboard-players and producers essential performance controls, including pitch and modulation wheels, octave up and down buttons and an assignable data slider. Program changes can also be sent from Q25's keys to quickly alter programs, patches, and more. Sure, it's combo-keying, but the changes are laid out right in front of you on the keyboard, so Alesis had the common sense to make it an exact and easy science, not something that needed to be memorized for an exam every performance night.

As with just about any keyboard this size, the Q25 only needs a single USB cable to receive power and transfer MIDI data to a computer. It's also class-compliant, so there is no need to install drivers to start playing immediately. As an added bonus, Alesis includes a copy of Ableton Live Lite®, Alesis Edition software, for performing, recording, and sequencing music right out of the box. Smooth deal.

“Alesis has a long tradition in keyboards and continue to offer the tools musicians need to make music the way they like,” said Adam Cohen, Director of Business Development, Alesis. “Q25 is compact, affordable and easy to use with the software and hardware musicians use today.”

Compact, for sure. It's about the size of the LPK25 I just reviewed and that already fit into a laptop bag with the laptop and room to spare.

The Q25 will be available from musical instrument and pro audio retailers in early Fall 2010. It has a U.S. estimated street price of $79.00.

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