Korg now shipping updated Electribe models

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-09-10)

Korg now shipping updated Electribe models

Korg is now shipping the tube-driven ELECTRIBE-MX (EMX1SD) and SD ELECTRIBE-SX SD (ESX1SD), the newest models in the updated Electribe series. Korg’s popular Electribe pattern-based music production stations have earned respect among electronic musicians across every genre. Now revitalized with up-to-the-minute patterns and massive SD data storage, these versatile music makers are now better than ever.

As more and more musicians adopted the Electribes as part of their audio arsenal, Korg teamed up with cutting-edge creative artists from around the world to deliver fresh beats, patterns and even Electribe SX (ESX-1) samples. Ninja Tune/Big Dada artists Emika and the Anti-pop Consortium are contributors, as well as U.K. MySpace artist Shrikednb (Tom Thorpe), plus YouTube stars Denkitribe and Scribej.

The addition of convenient SD/SDHC card storage allows up to 32 GB of sound, pattern, song and sample data to be saved on an individual card. This enables an entire live show’s worth of data to be saved on a single card.

The ELECTRIBE’s acclaimed ease-of-use, advanced features, and sonic power are all as strong as ever. Track-making is intuitive; each musical part is created using the same workflow as when producing a song. Vacuum tubes deliver tube saturation and overdrive to taste. The EMX-1 SD uses Korg’s MMT (Multiple Modeling Technology) sound engine to offer sixteen types of tone generation. The ESX-1 SD offers powerful editing features to provide the freedom to sample and modify sounds in real time.

Features common to both models include:

* Twin vacuum tube VALVE FORCE circuitry, delivering analog warmth or menacing bite
* Three stereo effects that can be chained together for radical sound warping
* Crisp filters and speedy-smooth timbral modulation
* Built-in step sequencer, delivering intuitive song production
* Motion Sequence function, to capture and replay sound-tweaking knob movements
* Powerful arpeggiator, ribbon controller and slider, for generating inspired phrases
* Auto BPM Detection, which sets the tempo based on any external audio source

The Korg Electribe EMX1SD and ESX1SD are now available with an MSRP of $750.00 each.

From a press release.

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