Source Audio cuts price on Hot Hand Wah pedal

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-09-15)

Source Audio cuts price on Hot Hand Wah pedal

Music effects pedal company Source Audio is slashing $100 off the price of their Hot Hand Wah units to celebrate the release of DragonForce's new live double-disc album Twilight Dementia. The lead guitarist of the band, Herman Li, has long been an avid user of the wireless Hot Hand, the flagship product of the Source Audio line of pedals. As a testament to the impact of the device on his playing, Li placed the Hot Hand Ring on the cover of the album (visible halfway up the left side).

Formed in 1999, DragonForce - a multi-national amalgam of players at the very top of their game - have spent the past decade proving that virtuoso musicianship and strong songwriting values can appeal to rock fans right across the board. The band's tour, fueled by their relationship with the 'Guitar Hero' franchise, and the success of four studio albums with worldwide sales currently topping two million, has seen sold-out headline shows around the world, including markets as far afield as China, Hawaii, New Zealand, Russia & Columbia.

"The idea was to record every single show from the last leg of the tour," says Herman Li "so we could pick the best take of each song without needing to do any overdubs in the studio; keeping the whole thing 'LIVE' like all the classic live metal albums."

Source Audio's Hot Hand ring played a key role in Herman's stage presence and sound for the DragonForce tour and subsequent live album. "It is like the secret hi-tech weapon in my guitar-rig!" continues Li "The Hot Hand is an innovative, mind-blowing effects processor. The sounds you can create with it are out of this world."

Guitar forums and message boards across the web receive daily posts from curious folks asking, "What is the purpose of that ring on Herman Li's hand?" or "How does he get those lightning fast wah flutters ?". Well folks, the answer is the Hot Hand Motion Control Filters. The pedal hit the market in January of 2006 and quickly received industry wide praise for its unprecedented advancements in music gear technology. Hot Hand offered a bold new approach to the standard wah wah pedal. Not only does it provide far more wah filter options, it allows players to control each filter with a ring like device easily attached to a musician's hand, foot, or guitar. No longer are players inhibited by the limitations of a foot controlled wah pedal.The reviews started to roll in: it took the "Platinum Award" from Guitar World Magazine, and was highlighted in the Orange County Register as one of the hottest new products and the 2006 NAMM Show.

The price drop brings the street price of the Hot Hand Wah down to $299 from $399 for the wireless version and down to $199 from $299 for the wired version. For more information visit:

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