Sonoma WireWorks releases GuitarJack for iPhone, iPod

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-09-16)

Sonoma WireWorks releases GuitarJack for iPhone, iPod

One of the most impresive products debuted at Summer NAMM 2010 in Nashville was the Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack, an nifty little interface that allows you to connect guitars or other analog devices to audio compatible iOS devices. GuitarJack connects a wide range of instruments, microphones, and other audio hardware to the iPod touch® (2nd and 3rd generation), iPhone® 3GS* and iPhone 3G* via 1/4 inch instrument and 1/8 inch stereo mic/line inputs. GuitarJack Model 1 is not compatible with iPhone 4, iPad™ or iPod touch 4th generation.

Addressing the most frequent request from musicians who use FourTrack, Sonoma's multitrack recording app for iPod and iPhone, GuitarJack makes both level control and input monitoring possible when using a GuitarJack enhanced app. FourTrack has been updated to include a GuitarJack control panel, where users can select an input and set the recording level. FourTrack also includes the new TaylorEQ Song Tool, which allows Taylor Guitar players to hear and adjust the tone of their guitars playing through the GuitarJack using EQ settings custom designed by Taylor Guitars. A free TaylorEQ app with similar features, including a GuitarJack control panel, is coming soon.

GuitarJack works well with most third party audio apps like tuners, amp models and other recording apps. GuitarJack is priced at $199 MSRP. GuitarJack features, guide, images and video:

GuitarJack Features c•1/4 inch instrument input with configurable pad, Lo-Z and Hi-Z modes
•1/8 inch stereo mic/line input with pad, normal and boost modes

•Each input has 60dB of continuous level control
•1/8 inch stereo output with increased drive for headphones
•Sleek and rugged metal shell
•Dock connector compatible only with iPod touch (2nd and 3rd generation), iPhone 3GS* and iPhone 3G*

GuitarJack Controls in FourTrack Allow Recording in these Modes:
•Instrument (1/4 inch) mono
•Mic/Line (1/8 inch) mono, dual-mono or stereo
•Both inputs, with the instrument input and the mic/line input (right channel) recording to separate tracks

*iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G are compatible only in airplane mode, so they will display the following message: "This accessory is not optimized for this iPhone. You may experience noise caused by cellular interferance and a descrease in cellular signal strength." Sonoma Wire Works recommends that you turn on airplane mode whenever recording on an iPhone.

About FourTrack
The FourTrack multitrack audio recorder is a songwriting and practice tool for singers, guitar players, piano players and other musicians who want to capture musical ideas and record songs on their iPhone and iPod touch (2nd and 3rd generation). Plug in a microphone, arm a track, record, and repeat. FourTrack works with the iPhone built-in microphone or a headset mic. WiFi sync allows FourTrack recordings to be transferred to any desktop computer either by launching RiffWorks recording software and clicking import, or by downloading the tracks with a browser, then importing them into any recording software (DAW). FourTrack is developed by Sonoma Wire Works, makers of RiffWorks™ guitar recording software, and by The Retronyms, makers of Recorder, the top selling voice recorder for the iPhone and iPod touch. FourTrack is available in the iTunes App store for $9.99. FourTrack features, guide and videos:

About Sonoma Wire Works
Incorporated in 2003 and headquartered in Los Altos, California, Sonoma Wire Works develops products and services that help musicians enjoy playing, recording and sharing music. Sonoma Wire Works' flagship product is RiffWorks guitar recording software with InstantDrummer, effects, RiffLink™ online music collaboration, and the online community. These products have received multiple awards for performance and innovation, including a NAMM 08 Best in Show Trendsetter Award. FourTrack and InstantDrummer™ iPhone apps, AudioCopy/AudioPaste technology for the iPhone, StudioTrack:™ multitrack for the iPad, and the GuitarJack accessory for compatible iOS devices are also developed by Sonoma. Drum products by Sonoma include the DrumCore and KitCore plugins and DrummerPack library, as well as the Discrete Drums multitrack drum library.

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