Drumtuna brings drum tuning gauges to digital era

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-09-16)

Drumtuna brings drum tuning gauges to digital era

Carving its way through the almost monopolist drum tuning gauge market shared only by Tama and (pretty much dominated by) DrumDial, Drumtuna is a brand new British company that is now bringing a new twist to this extremely helpful drum device. Why not make it digital? It seems like someone should have thought about that decades ago.

Drumtuna already carries their own version of an analog drum-tuning gauge. The Hero (I bet you didn't know a tuning gauge could actually save your life, did you?) has similar features and works in the same way as its competitor's counterparts. Coming with an analogue dial display, it also has a metric read-out, resolution of 0.01mm, rotating bezel for zero setting and gauge diameter of 58mm. The difference with the Hero gauge is that it comes with a drum key, courtesy of the Drumtuna lads. But enough of conventionalism, the spotlight is on the recently launched gadget, The Flip. Drumtuna's The Flip is the only digital tympanic tuning gauge tht exists on the market today, and it's a registered design, so if you were intending to steal this idea, you might get in trouble with the law. The Flip comes with the following specifications:

  • Digital LCD Display
  • Metric and Imperial Read-Out (Cheers to the 1824 British Weights and Measures Act users)
  • Clear and instantaneous display
  • Resolution 0.01mm/0.0005"
  • Push-button zero setting
  • Gauge diameter 58mm
  • Integral drum key holder
  • Power: 1 x LR44 button cell battery (included)
  • Auto power-off (A precious feature for the inattentive drummer)

    You will also get a user's instructions tuning guide and a drum key within the Drumtuna's The Flip package . The Flip comes comfortably packed in protective soft case. Price? 79 (? $120).

    For more information about Drumtuna's drum tuning gauges as also for online purchasing, please visit www.drumtuna.com.

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