Samson releases new Expedition 510i portable PA systems

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-09-19)

Samson releases new Expedition 510i portable PA systems

Samson introduces their most versatile and inclusive PA system to date: The Expedition 510i.

Adopting the same principles of portability and simplicity that made Samsonís Expedition 308i so popular, the Expedition 510i (XP510i) is an all-in-one portable PA system that offers outstanding power and convenience. The pro-level performance of the XP510i begins with a pair of dual 2-way speakers with 10-inch woofers, complemented by a 1-inch titanium tweeter in a 60į x 90į horn. These speakers will provide dynamic low-end qualities and broad dispersion in any performance space.

The XP510i features an internal 500 watt Class D powered mixer equipped with seven total mic/line and stereo inputs, phantom power, an integrated iPod dock, and ten studio-quality 24-bit digital effects to shape a customized sound for each and every performance. In addition, the speakers, mixer, and integrated 1 3/8-inch speaker stand mounts can be transported as a single compact bundle that weighs just over 50 pounds.

Thanks to its clever design and comprehensive feature set, the XP510i Portable PA offers an ideal solution for a variety of PA applications. Musical Performance

Though the XP510i was designed for providing quality sound reinforcement in musical settings, the dynamic range of musical settings that can benefit from the systemís features is unparalleled. Whether you're a singer/songwriter gigging in a small coffee shop, a full band practicing in a medium-sized rehearsal space, or a DJ entertaining 500 people at a large club, the XP510i will ensure your sound is well suited for your space. In addition, the systemís speaker enclosures lend themselves perfectly to a variety of musical performances when being used as floor monitors. Professional Presentation

With the XP510i, your voice will command the boardroom podium with as much authority as the main stage. The XP510i provides the perfect solution for a business professional leading any sort of presentation. No matter the application (PowerPoint presentations, company meetings, corporate events, etc.), the unit will allow you to convey your ideas in a clear, concise manor and perform your job better. Specifically relevant in such cases, the XP510iís integrated iPod dock enables your MP3 player to playback audio clips in promoting a more interactive listening experience for any audience. Educational Endeavors

In addition to all students, teachers and professors utilizing the XP510i in some of the same circumstances as business professionals (presentations, audio playback), the system possesses some functions unique to music education. The unit is ideal for directing large instrumental ensembles. The XP510i will help conductors keep even their percussionists on task. Thanks to itís integrated iPod dock, soloists and small ensembles can practice along with recorded accompaniment. Also, the XP510iís audio playback abilities make the analysis of recorded music easier, as well as a more interactive listening and educational experience.

MSRP: $949 USD; Street, $699.

* Dual 2-way speaker enclosures, powered mixer with built-in 500 watt (2 x 250) Class D amplifier * Packs up into a single portable unit that weighs just over 50 pounds * 10-channel mixer with built-in iPod dock, four mic/line inputs, three stereo inputs and phantom power * Custom 10-inch woofers in 2-way vented enclosures with * 1-inch high frequency driver * Ten studio-quality 24-bit digital effects * Integrated 1-3/8-inch speaker stand mounts * Enclosures tilt back for use as floor monitors * Cables included

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