Los Cabos Drumsticks Launches Shotgun

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-09-21)

Los Cabos Drumsticks Launches Shotgun

For being a relatively new company in the drumstick industry, the Canadian based Los Cabos Drumsticks already offers nearly two dozen models to choose, enabling any drummer to find a perfect pair. What really distinguishes Los Cabos Drumsticks from the other drumstick companies is the variety of wood they use to produce their pairs. Besides the commonly used American Hickory, Los Cabos also offers models that are built utilizing Canadian Maple and Red Hickory. Extending their products variety even more, Los Cabos Drumsticks is now launching a new model, The Shotgun.

Resembling a shotgun bullet, with symmetric size ends, the Shotgun Drumsticks feature double butt-end with a diameter of .580” and 16” in length. The Shotgun is built in white hickory wood, and, because of its physical characteristics, is a great pair for hard rock drummers. Its fat ends will make any drum sound big with little effort and makes cymbals more present than ever. The Shotgun gives the standard feel, look, and sound when applied on Latin percussion paraphernalia. But the intent with this pair is not to be focused only on these two types of drummers.

“The Shotgun goes beyond the practicality of a standard drumstick,” said Matt Carter, Director of Marketing for Los Cabos Drumsticks. “While the double butt-end design has been the top choice for many hard-hitters over the years, it has also proven to be a popular stick for percussionists playing on a variety of surfaces from buckets to bells. With so many players incorporating new sounds into their set-ups, The Shotgun is less of a standard drumstick and more of a multifaceted percussion tool for everyone’s stick bag.”

The Shotgun Drumsticks are hitting the market with a price tag of $8.95. For more information about this and other Los Cabos Drumsticks produtcs, please visit www.locabosdrumsticks.com.

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