PRS Guitars releases new countoured solibodies, Jackson signature hollowbody

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-09-27)

PRS Guitars releases new countoured solibodies,  Jackson signature hollowbody

PRS Guitars has released several new models, including two contoured-body Strat-likemodels and the first Paul Jackson Jr. signature model.

PRS Guitars’ newest three-pickup electric guitars, the DC3 and the NF3, (left to tight in main picture) feature proprietary PRS pickups and PRS's all new flat body shape for a classic look and sound. Both models also come standard with PRS’s new retro “V12” finish, “Pattern Regular” neck shape, and a PRS Tremolo bridge system with steel components that give a clear and expansive tone.

The DC3 is a modernized, vintage inspired three single-coil pickup guitar with an alder body. Its three proprietary PRS DC3 single-coil pickups are based on PRS’s award wining 513 platform and give the DC3 a warm, clear tone.

The NF3 introduces a korina body and three proprietary Narrowfield™ pickups. Narrowfields™ use the same wire as 57/08s™, but are narrower pole to pole and deeper front to back, providing exceptional clarity. Both models combine a three-pickup configuration with a five-way blade switch to provide a multitude of sounds, and both feature bolt-on necks, 3-ply pickguards, and mounted electronics.

Paul Jackson Jr. Signature
PRS & Paul Jackson Jr. have teamed for the first signature model PRS guitar. Whether it’s playing on "American Idol," his latest gig on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show,” recording with legendary musicians like Michael Jackson, Elton John, and Ella Fitzgerald, or composing and recording his own music, Jackson’s multiple decades as a highly accomplished and versatile musician have factored into this model’s development.

“The JA-15 was designed with one goal in mind; to be the best sounding hollow body guitar, period. I believe that we have reached that goal. This instrument is not only one of the best sounding, but one of the best playing guitars I've ever picked up,” commented Paul Jackson, Jr.

The 15” arch top JA-15, though designed with jazz archtops in mind, easily adapts to players performing many musical styles, so it is not surprising that several rock musicians in PRS’s artist arsenal are loving this model. PRS’s latest appointments are also featured on the JA-15, including two 53/10™ bass pickups to give a smooth, balanced tone, the all new thin, hard and crystal clear “V12” finish, and the two-piece adjustable PRS bridge giving the guitar a resonant and musical sound.

“JA-15 stands for both ‘Jackson archtop/15 inch’ and ‘jazz archtop/15 inch.’ The instrument has very special proprietary carved-in bracing and a new soundpost construction. Paul Jackson, Jr. and I had very lofty ideas when we designed this instrument, and we think we’re there,” said Paul Reed Smith.

Additional JA-15 features include a spruce top, curly maple back, mahogany sides, natural binding, 22 fret curly maple neck, 25” scale length, ebony fretboard, “Pattern” neck shape, mother of pearl and paua heart Modern Eagle II bird inlays and an abalone headstock signature, PRS low mass locking tuners, nickel hardware with a gold option, and volume and tone control with three-way toggle.

Colors: Amber Black, Antique White, Black, Fire Red Burst, McCarty Sunburst, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst, Smokeburst, Smoked Orange, Tri-color Sunburst, Vintage Natural

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