Stage Trix pedal mounting solution literally rises to a new level

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-10-04)

Stage Trix pedal mounting solution literally rises to a new level

If you've ever run multiple effects pedals and feared tripping over the Medusa-like tangle of wires, you've probably bought a pedalboard. However, most pedalboards have only one level, forcing you to hop around to access the back row and making it entirely possible that you'll hit the wrong button or accidentally change a critical setting with your foot. And most boards don't accommodate wiring very well either.

The folks at StageTrix know this and have come up with a solution that solves both problems and is so simple that it's odd that no one thought of it previously.

. The StageTrix Pedal Riser raises your second row of pedals to the perfect height and has cable routing features that clean up your messy cables.

* Easy to use
* Just place on board, it holds tight
* 18-gauge steel
* Attaches to both board and pedal via built-in heavy duty hook-and-loop fastener
* Use two for double size pedals
* Works with most pedalboards
* Dimensions are 6.5″ × 4.25″ × 1″ high (16.5 cm x 10.8 cm x 2.6 cm high)

The Pedal Riser has a street price of $11.99 USD per single unit. To see this product in action, check out the Pedal Riser video on YouTube!


Will the Pedal Riser work with any pedal board?
It has been successfully tested and used with many Velcro pedal boards – in fact, we’ve never run across one it doesn’t work with. Just to be on the safe side it’s a good idea to double check that you have at least an inch of clearance above the tallest pedal to which you intend to add a riser.

New! Riser Template
Download this PDF template for the Pedal Riser showing the actual size of the Pedal Riser’s footprint, so you can lay out your board with confidence. Be sure to print it out at 100% size.

New! Fastener Template
Download this PDF template for the Pedal Fastener showing the actual size of the Pedal Fasteners’s footprint, so you can see how it will fit your pedals. Be sure to print it out at 100% size.

Will the Pedal Riser make my board too heavy?
Nope! They’re not only super strong, but light too. 18-gauge steel was selected because it possesses a good balance of strength and light weight. Each riser weighs only 5.2 oz.

Do you need different sizes of risers for different pedals?
There is only one size of Pedal Riser, and it has has been carefully optimized and engineered to work with the vast majority of standard size pedals, from slightly larger Line6 Tonecore pedals to “average” ones like Boss/Digitech/Ibanez to smaller ones in MXR-style enclosures. You can also use two Pedal Risers side-by-side to elevate very large pedals such as the Line6 DL4 or Boss twin pedals.

Will the Pedal Fastener work with any pedal?
It has been optimized for standard sized pedals including Boss-sized pedals, Line6 Tonecore, and small MXR pedals. It can also be used on many other brands. The important thing is to ensure that your pedal has a relatively smooth bottom surface (for example, DOD pedals have a grip pattern on the bottom which makes it hard for Velcro to stick) and that the location of the sticker on the bottom of the pedal is such that it will clear the Velcro. As well, there are a few pedals (like some Digitech ones) that have a particularly slippery bottom surface. Our fasteners will stick to these just as well as (or better than) traditional velcro, but the bond will not be as strong as with normal pedals.

What are the warranty details?
The warranty is in effect for one year from the date of purchase of any product that was purchased new. If the problem is from a manufacturing defect and is not caused by the user, the product will be replaced or repaired free of charge. Unauthorized modifications void the warranty. What is the return policy?

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