Review: Evans EC1 Reverse Dot

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-10-09)

Review: Evans EC1 Reverse Dot

Introduced to the market in 2009, the EC1 Reverse Dot snare head followed the success achieved by the Evansí EC1 tom heads. With its one-of-a-kind design, the EC1 Reverse Dot surely is proof of Evansí compromise on drumhead technological innovation. The EC1 is a 14mil single-ply head that features the renowned Evans Edge Control ring mounted on its underside along with its Center Dot, giving this drumhead a distinctive sound and unique character.

Once installed on my snare drum, I discovered that the EC1 Reverse Dotís uniqueness was not only restricted to its look but was very present in its sound, making my snare drum produce a beautiful warm, woody tone. Because of its combination of thickness and controlled sustain provided by the Edge Rings, the EC1 Reverse Dot gives the drum a bold and fat sound quality while providing extreme durability, making it a great option for heavy-handed rock drummers. Its delicate coating is another factor that gives this head its modern look and sound, defining its woody tone. What impressed me the most though, is the ingenious placement of a center dot. This dot makes the head a hybrid entity with two very distinctive sound textures. The center has a defined, enhanced dense sound, and the edges a resonant, free and live character. Having these two variables of sounds on a single drum gives a drummer the power of further control on snare rolls and effects as well as providing an exploratory environment for creative drumming.

The EC1 Reverse Dot is a head where creative and innovative designs are meshed together culminating in one of the most unique and peculiar sounding snare drumheads in the market. Itís truly a combination of visual and auditory beauty.

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