TC Electronic releases BH500 bass head, new BC line of cabinets

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-10-16)

TC Electronic releases BH500 bass head, new BC line of cabinets

TC Electronic has already made news in 2010 with the release of the Staccato '51 lightweight bass head and the BG500 line of combo amps. TC continues that trend with the announcement of a new bass line, the BH500 bass head and BC line of cabinets.

The BH500 is a standalone head that replicates the specs of the BG500 combo amps, packing 500 watts of clean power into a traditional wooden case but with a striking red faceplate. It's designed to be combined with the new BC410, BC212 and BC210 cabinets range making for a highly flexible lineup suitable for small clubs to outdoor concerts.

I demoed the BG500-115 earlier this year ( and found that it provided plenty of features that working bassists will appreciate. These same features are offered in the BH500. Among them are: a built-in tuner (not chromatic, but accurate); TubeTone™, which allows users to dial in just the right amount of simulated tube overdrive; SpectraComp™, a compressor that gauges each string separately to provide excellent punch and drive; and three memory settings that allow users to store favorite tone settings. The last feature is great for players who use more than one bass on a gig. The amp also offers front-panel DI and inputs for a iPod or other playback device and a headphone jack for silent practice.

The Tolex covered BC cabs come in 3 models: 410, 210 or 212, and they can be mixed and matched as well as stacked both vertically and horizontally. I like the fact that TC has gone with the rugged Tolex and rubber feet rather than the painted, footless cabinets that were designed to be used with the RH series.

I look for the BH500 and the new cabs to continue the TC tradition of providing cutting-edge technology, useful features and excellent value. Street price on the BH500 should be around $400, with cab prices between $300 and $600.Look for MGR's review of the BH 500 before year's end.

Dave Molter (Laklander") is MGR's managing editor and bass guitars editor. he has played bass professionally for more than 45 years.

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