behringer debuts Virtualizer Pro 3D FX 2000 effectsprocessor

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-10-16)

behringer debuts Virtualizer Pro 3D FX 2000 effectsprocessor

Behringer's VIRTUALIZER PRO 3D FX2000 Effects Processor rack unit has 71 incredible new algorithms, including true studio-grade stereo and 3D effects that will add a head-spinning new dimension to your sound, both live and in the studio. The FX2000 employs BEHRINGER RSM (Real Sound Modeling) technology to simulate acoustic environments with stunning accuracy. Effects options include powerful modulation, amp simulation, distortion and special effects, as well as effective dynamic and psychoacoustics processing. Performance is further enhanced through user-addressable high and low EQ and wave-adaptive VIRTUAL ROOM reverb algorithms.

Reverbs & Delays
Because it is one of the most desired effects, the FX2000 provides 12 different reverb programs, so you always have the ideal reverb for your live performance or studio needs.

Reverbs include:

Specialty reverbs include:
* REVERB – reverb is synthetically turned off after a predetermined amount of time
* REVERSE REVERB – reverb envelope is reversed—it slowly gets louder

Delays include:
* STEREO DELAY – delay is processed across the entire stereo image
* TAPE ECHO – simulates classic tape echo devices, pre-dating the advent of digital delays
* PING PONG – delay signal is “bounced” from left to right at an adjustable tempo

Much More than Just Reverb and Delay
The FX2000 has some of the best-sounding reverb and delay programs, but that’s not all. It also provides excellent modulation effects (such as chorus, flanger and phaser), including special variations like musical pitch shifter, tremolo and even a rotary speaker simulation.

Modulation and Pitch Shifter FX:
* STEREO FLANGER (originally generated by playing back two synchronized “reel to reel” tape recorders with a finger rubbing on the flange of one of the take-up reels)
* VINTAGE FLANGER simulates a guitar fl anger stomp box
* JET STREAM FLANGER sounds like a classic analog flanger
* STEREO CHORUS (combines a slightly detuned signal with the original)
* ANALOG CHORUS simulates a guitar chorus stomp box
* VINTAGE CHORUS imitates a classic analog studio chorus
* ULTRA CHORUS creates the sound of an eight person chorus
* STEREO PHASER (combines a second, phaseshifted signal to the original)
* VINTAGE PHASER represents a guitar phaser stomp box
* DUAL PHASER processes the left and right channels separately
* ROTARY (simulation of the rotating speakers typically used on an organ) – Slow or Fast
* PITCH SHIFTER (changes the pitch of the original signal) – can be used to create harmonies with the original signal or replace it entirely with the altered pitch. Choices include stereo, two and three vocal pitch shifter
* VIBRATO – the peak frequency of the tone is periodically and uniformly changed (quickly or slowly)
* TREMOLO (common vintage guitar amplifier effect) – a fast or slow periodic variation in volume
* AUTO PANNING – signal is automatically sent from one side of the stereo image to the other, either once or multiple times

Dynamic FX:
* COMPRESSOR – reduces the dynamic range of the signal, maintains consistent signal level and thus avoids distortion associated with excessive input levels
* EXPANDER – effectively broadens the dynamic range of source signals while reducing background noise
* GATED REVERB – helps reduce background clutter by turning reverb off below a predetermined threshold level. Particularly effective on drum mics and vocals
* ANA. KOMPR/LIM. — similar to COMPRESSOR but with Limiting functionality
* ULTRAMIZER – analyses incoming signal and automatically applies compression across two independent frequency bands
* DENOISER – eliminates or reduces noise and other interference
* DE-ESSER – reduces or removes sibilance (Ssss sound) from signal
* WAVE DESIGNER – allows you to influence the envelope by adjusting Attack and Release of the signal

Psychoacoustic FX:
* EXCITER – adds artificially generated overtones to the original signal, increasing presence and perceived loudness without significant increase in signal level
* ENHANCER – functions much like a dynamic pitch equalizer
* ULTRA BASS – sub-harmonic processor combined with bass exciter and limiter
* STEREO IMAGER – divides the signal into middle and side signals, allowing individual signals to be amplif ed when desired and placed on the stereo image
* ULTRA WIDE – creates a broader stereo image * BINAURALIZER – also creates a broader stereo image and compensates for crosstalk between both speakers

Filter/EQ FX:
* AUTO FILTER – influences the frequency response of a signal. Two filters are included: low pass allows low frequencies to pass and suppresses high frequency content; high pass does the exact opposite
* LFO FILTER - Controls the rate of oscillation effects
* PARAMETRIC EQ – allows you to control the bandwidth, frequency and amplitude of a signal
* GRAPHIC EQ – the sound spectrum is divided into eight (8) adjacent frequency bands, which can be cut or boosted, bandwidth is predetermined

Distortion FX and Amp Simulations
The FX2000 is also equipped with distortion, amplifier and speaker simulation including VOCAL DISTORTION, TUBE DISTORTION, GUITAR AMP, TRI FUZZ, SPEAKER SIMULATION, RING MODULATOR and LO-FI.

Special FX:
* VINYLIZER – adds clicks and/or noise to the signal, reminiscent of old vinyl records and tape machines
* SAMPLER – allows you to record and playback up to five (5) seconds of program material
* VOCODER – allows the input signal to modulate another signal (usually a synthesizer sound), creating the familiar “talking synthesizer” effect
* VOICE CANCELER – removes mono vocal parts from stereo recordings for “instant Karaoke”
* RESONATOR – simulates and oscillating system that amplifies a specific frequency

The FX200 has street price of $150 USD.

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