Avid unleashes Eleven Rack guitar processor for stage and studio

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-10-25)

Avid unleashes Eleven Rack guitar processor for stage and studio

One of the beauties of the social networking scene is that high-profile players often will respond to user posts on their Facebook or MySpace pages. That's exactly what happened when I posted a technical question to the Facebook page of Brian Ray, guitarist/bassist for Paul McCartney , and who has just released a dynamite solo CD -- "This Way Up."

Intrigued by the huge, distorted bass on the title track, I asked Brian what bass he'd used and how he made it sound so great. He responded that he'd used a 1964 Hofner Club Bass and a couple of Digidesign Eleven plug-ins.
I was familiar with DigiDesign and Avid, which now distributes DigiDesign plug-ins and Avid and M-Audio recording interfaces as well as the ProTools DAW. But I didn't know that Avid had a secret weapon, which it has just announced: the Eleven Rack.

Designed primarily for guitarists, Eleven Rack is an amazing piece of signal processing equipment that can be used in the studio or live situations, straight to the board or between a guitar and amp.

Here are a few reasons why Eleven Rack is the ultimate tool for performing guitarists:

* You can take the tones you record with you, straight to your gigs no more problems re-creating your sounds live.
* Eleven Rack features tons of I/O so it works with whatever rig you have. By bypassing the cab and/or head models, you can use Eleven Rack as an effects processor, connect it directly to a PA, drive a combo amp on stage, or all three at once!
* Eleven Rack can be controlled directly from affordable MIDI footpedals and expression pedals you can even assign multiple parameters to a single controller and create wild morphing effects.

There's imply no way to explain in print how amazing Eleven Rack is. Do yourself a favor and go the www.avid.com and scope out the demo videos available.

Street price on Eleven rack is $899, which may seem high, but when you consider that you could easily spend twice that buying multiple pedals to produce what Eleven Rack offers in a single piece of gear, it's money well spent.

From a press release.

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