Korg Wavedrum conquers drummers' hearts

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-10-25)

Korg Wavedrum conquers drummers' hearts

The Korg Wavedrum surely is one of the most unique drum pads you will find on the market. With a pristine built-in sound bank comprised of many drums, percussion elements and, (what set this pad apart from others) synthesizers samples, this percussive tool combines the traditional feel of the drum by having its playing surface mirror a real drumhead. By having many customizable parameters, the Wavedrum can even replace hand fulls of instruments, becoming the sole element for rhythm orchestration. Now, this one of a kind instrument is conquering not only the heart of many aspiring drummers and percussionists, but also a few of the most renowned names in the drumming world.

Some of the prominent drummers and percussionist that now use Wavedrum as integral part of their sets are:

Alex Acua – A top-call session player. Aside from his notable stint in pioneering fusion group Weather Report, Acua has worked with a long list of legends: Ella Fitzgerald, Al Jarreau, Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul, Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel, Blondie and scores of others. Touching on every genre of music, Acuas career requires him to be versatile, which is what appeals to him about the Wavedrum. He sums it up saying, The Korg Wavedrum makes it easy to express your musical journey.

Dafnis Preito - Classically schooled at the National School of Music Havana in his native Cuba, before arriving in New York City in 1999. Since then, he has left an indelible mark on the jazz and Latin music scenes. He sees the Wavedrum as a complement to his drum set, but he also likes using it for solos. He states, Wavedrum is the most sophisticated and powerful electronic percussion instrument Ive ever played.

Pat Mastelotto - A session drummer and a member of King Crimson, Mr. Mister and most recently experimental supergroup HoBoLeMa. His session credits include Al Jarreau, the Pointer Sisters, Kenny Loggins, Patti LaBelle, Hall & Oates, XTC, Matthew Sweet and dozens of others. He has found the Wavedrum to be a perfect addition to his drum configuration, and, in describing the Wavedrum he has coined the term, Wave-a-licious.

Robin DiMaggio – Built up his career by career drumming for artists such as Steve Vai, David Bowie, Paul Simon, Diana Ross, Chris Isaak and Johnny Cash, to name a few. Robins mastery of electronic percussion in the 1980s later led to gigs with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and others. DiMaggio is an expert on digital percussion tools, so it is with significance that he notes, The invincible Korg Wavedrum is making any copycats stop in their tracks; you cant re-create whats already the best tool out there.

Even mainstream famous drummers such as Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chickenfoot) and Danny Carey (Tool) have made public their use of Korg’s Wavedrum on their drum kit set up. It seems that the world of sound combinations of the Wavedrum is little by little conquering the world itself.

For more information about Korg’s Wavedrum, please visit www.korg.com/wavedrum.

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