Led Zeppelin: Coda Drum Transcriptions now available

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-11-06)

Led Zeppelin: Coda Drum Transcriptions now available

If you ever wanted to learn John Bonhamís unique drum playing note-by-note, hit-by-hit, kick-by-kick, Alfred Music Publishing can help. Completing their Led Zeppelin Platinum Drum Transcriptions series, Alfred is releasing an album-matching folio of the bandís ninth and final studio album, Coda.

Besides containing precisely accurate drum transcriptions of all 11 songs on the album, created from the study of over 30 years of documentation, interviews and recorded footage, this songbook features rare Zeppelin photographs and a historical forewords by Guitar World Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Brad Tolinski, that bring the reader closer to the history of one of the most influential bands that has ever crossed the stage. A great opportunity for all musicians to learn about the mastermind responsible for creating such iconic and unmatchable drum grooves and fills.

Coda was released in 1982 and is comprised of a collection of Led Zeppelin rarities created from various sessions during the bandís 12-year career. The album was release two years after John Bonhamís death and consequently Zeppelin disbandment. Consisting of live tracks and studio outtakes, Coda is a truly reminder of the grandiosity of Led Zeppelinís musicianship and legacy. Traveling through Bonhamís beautiful grooves on this album, Bonzo's Montreuxís drum transcription probably will be the most fun to learn and play, thatís for sure.

Led Zeppelin: Coda Platinum Drums is now available for $19.99. Led Zeppelinís complete studio discography is also available within the Led Zeppelin Platinum Drums series. They can be found at your local music retail store, or through Alfred Music Publish website www.alfred.com.

Songs list: We're Gonna Groove * Poor Tom * I Can't Quit You Baby * Walter's Walk * Ozone Baby * Darlene * Bonzo's Montreux * Wearing and Tearing * Baby Come on Home * Traveling Riverside Blues * Hey Hey What Can I Do.

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