Review: Inside Haake’s Head. Toontrack’s Metalheads EZX

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-11-16)

Review: Inside Haake’s Head. Toontrack’s Metalheads EZX

Orbitoclasts in hand, we are going in. You will never be this close to one of the best modern metal drummers of our time. Thomas Haake, in conjunction with producer Daniel Bergstrand and Toontrack are making available to all Ezdrummer and Superior Drummer 2.0 users twelve of the most intricate, mind-blowing, avant-garde metal drum tracks ever recorded by Scandinavian modern/experimental metal band Meshuggah. Every hit, kick and cymbal, all in MIDI format, performed and created by the man himself, Tomas Haake. Metalheads EZX is a one of kind release but part of a celebration, the Metal Month celebration at Toontrack.

Lethargica, Electric red, Bleed, Stengah, Pravus, Closed Eye Visuals, Sane, Rational Gaze, Straws Pulled At Random, the Mouth Licking What You have Bled, Future Breed Machine, Combustion. Classic after classic Meshuggah song. Each organized in sections (Intro, Theme, Verse, Pre-Chorus, Chorus, Bridge, Solo, Outro) as well as in Full Song version, so you can just sit back and enjoy all the creative power of Haake’s performances. And creative power is what Metalheads EZX offers. To develop, to push, reinvent, recreated, “Destroy-Erase-Improve” new ways of writing metal music. The sounds contained on Metalheads EZX are a compilation of two of Haake’s gigantic drum kits, recorded to “metal perfection” by Daniel Bergstrand. Serving as an array of almost infinite groove possibilities and ideas, each of these twelve songs and its containing parts can easily be put to use as building blocks or as a polished final drum product to almost any metal song. A very useful and powerful feature, incorporated for the very first time on a Toontrack’s product, is the ability to control in the Mixer the levels of kick and snare triggers, giving you further control of sound, facilitating your aiming goals.

Impeccably recorded, flawlessly and ingeniously performed, Metalheads EZX’s grooves are surely a powerful tool for all metal making musicians, regardless of if you play the kit or are just a Meshuggah music fan. Not to mention the mere act of having Haake’s superbly sounding kit on your sound sample library is already a priceless investment for your computer.

Toontrack Metalheads EZX retails for $89.

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