LinkinPark uses Waves plugins

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-11-19)

LinkinPark uses Waves plugins

On "A Thousand Suns," their groundbreaking fourth studio release, Linkin Park once again turned to Waves plugins for sound-shaping and mixing tools, using them extensively in the making of the album. In an exclusive video available on the Waves website, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda discusses the role Waves plugins play in the band’s creative process, helping shape their cutting-edge sound. Mike talks about a few of his favorite plugins, and shows how the band achieved the cool vocal effect on the hit single “The Catalyst,” using Waves’ MetaFlanger plugin.

With over 50 million albums sold, multiple GRAMMY®-winning band Linkin Park has earned its place as one of the most innovative and popular acts of the 21st century. Known for their melodic and hard-hitting sound, they consistently push the envelope, inspiring young musicians and producers to aim higher. Linkin Park has a long history as Waves users, and Waves continues to be a very important part of the band’s studio work as well as live on tour, allowing them to stay true to the sound of their recordings while on the road.

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