TC-Helicon announces four effects pedals for vocalists

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-11-19)

TC-Helicon announces four effects pedals for vocalists

Why should guitarists, bassists and keyboardists have all the fun? TC-Helicon is proud to announce the arrival of the VoiceTone Singles range – four vocal processing pedals, each with a single mission: to allow any vocalist to deliver jaw-dropping performances.

VoiceTone Singles are the ultimate combination of tone and simplicity. Each of the four effects has inherited algorithms from the award-winning VoiceLive 2, so although VoiceTone Singles come in small packages they deliver a big sound.

VoiceTone Singles not only deliver the sound vocalists dream of in a compact and easy to operate pedal, they also push the boundaries of innovation with the addition of Mic Control – TC-Helicon’s unique and innovative new technology that allows vocalists to switch the effects on and off with TC-Helicon’s brand new MP-75 Modern Performance vocal microphone.

Up to four VoiceTone Singles can be connected together with the Singles Connection Kit to form the ultimate vocal processing chain. The kit includes a 12V power supply, 3 x DC daisy-chaining connectors, 3 x short XLR cables.

Each of the VoiceTone Singles pedals feature:

• Studio quality mic-pre with phantom power
• Balanced XLR output
• Recessed gain knob that prevents accidental bumps on stage
• USB for connecting to VoiceSupport for added tips, tricks, support and updates
• Die-cast steel design
• Rubberized base
• Audio performance to rival high-end front-of-house mixers
• Remote Mic Control with TC-Helicon MP-75 microphone

VoiceTone T1 – Adaptive Tone & Dynamics
Never before has it be so quick and easy to dial EQ, compression and de-essing in to your performances. The T1 lifts its adaptive algorithms from the award-winning VoiceLive 2, so any vocalist can be sure that it’s pure TC-Helicon tone all the way.
• Adaptive Shape tailors EQ to your voice in real time
• Adaptive Compression & De-essing help voice to fit in to the recording
• Punch in the Warmth control for added low-end presence

VoiceTone C1 – HardTune & Correction
Now it’s possible to add anything from subtle tuning to full on HardTune-style pitch correction to your vocals – finally a pitch correction tool that can be used live with total confidence!
• HardTune algorithm ported directly from award-winning VoiceLive 2
• Guitar in/thru input for hands-free control of key and scale
• Manual selection of key / scale for non-guitarists
• Adjust from subtle, natural pitch correction to HardTuned vocals
• Added Gender control for even more expressive control
• Chromatic mode for ‘set and forget’ live correction

VoiceTone D1 – Doubling & Detune
Instantly add a range of Doubling & Detuning effects for unbelievably natural and authentic sounding thickening and layering of vocals.
• Double algorithms are taken from the award-winning VoiceLive 2
• Eight different styles allows a range of doubling and detuning effects
• New synchronized voicing scheme adds ultimate realism
• Dry / Wet mix rotary for the ideal blend

VoiceTone R1 – Vocal Tuned Reverb
Why not take control of the most important effect of all, right from the stage? With R1 a huge range of first class, studio-quality reverbs are ready to be dialed in – from lush halls to tight ambiences and anything in between.
• Reverb algorithm tuned for classic and contemporary vocal reproduction
• 8 pre-authored styles offer ease of use and a huge
variety of spaces
• Dry / Wet mix control for easy blending

Shipping: North America: Europe & Asia: December 2011; January 2011

VoiceTone T1: US$179, €122
VoiceTone C1: US$235, €160
VoiceTone D1: US$205, €140
VoiceTone R1: US$205, €140

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