Jordan Rudess Composed his "Explorations" on Casio PX-330

(ShackMan | Posted 2010-11-21)

Jordan Rudess Composed his "Explorations" on Casio PX-330

On November 19th, 2010, Jordan Rudess debuted his first symphonic work, "Explorations for Keyboard and Orchestra," in Venezuela with the Chacao Youth Symphony Orchestra and conductor Eren for two shows; the second was added after the first one sold out more than a month prior. Being on the road as much as he is, he rarely (if ever) had time to sit down in a studio and really concentrate on his composition. Instrumental in the creation of explorations (pun might be intended), was the Casio PX-330 workstation helped him get the job done with its portability and ease of use while on the go.

The keyboard's 250 sounds, 16-track recorder, and brand new layered grand piano sound with seamless dynamic layering and 128-note polyphony allowed the keyboard to handle even the most demanding passages with no need to worry about dropping notes while using the damper pedal. With the new Linear Morphing System, the keyboard now offers even more realistic sounds and a superior dynamic range. A graphic LCD display allows users to view the names of all sounds, songs, and rhythms, while also assisting in editing and recording functions.

Of the keyboard Rudess had this to say: "The Casio PX-330 keyboard is something musicians can take anywhere. Itís not only portable and lightweight, but it also sounds great and has an authentic piano type feel, so I can continue to be highly productive even when I canít physically be in a studio with my arsenal of instruments."

Much like guitar virtuoso Steve Vai's "Lotus Feet" (performed with the Metropole Orkest), Jordan Rudess's composition explores new compositional ideas by taking ideas from the classical world that inspired him while learning piano at Julliard and the progressive-metal world he currently thrives in. To him, they aren't so different, and he continues to push for further integration between the acoustic and electronic worlds. For Jordan, the Casio PX-330 remains a touring staple through it all.

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James Rushin is a bassist, keyboardist, writer, and composer living and working in the Greater Pittsburgh area. He has performed with Selmer artist Tim Price, Curtis Johnson, guitarists Ken Karsh and Joe Negri. His compositions have been featured at West Virginia University and Valley Forge Christian College. He will be spending the Fall and Winter months working on playwright Frank Gagliano's Voodoo Trilogy and Bodoni County Songbook, as well as a full-length album with his latest project, Shutterdown.

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