Barcelona’s BAM Festival Stages Rock to EAW® and Lab.gruppen Sound Systems

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-12-17)

Barcelona’s BAM Festival Stages Rock to EAW® and Lab.gruppen Sound Systems

The BAM (Barcelona Acci Musical) Festival, which runs concurrently with the Spanish city's traditional La Merc celebrations, attracted 120,000 music fans last year to a jam-packed schedule of free, mostly open-air concerts throughout the downtown area. This years 18th annual BAM Festival included a host of European and American rock, hip-hop and dance artists, such as Goldfrapp, OK Go, Anti-Pop Consortium, Belle & Sebastian and El Guincho, and featured substantial Lab.gruppen-powered EAW P.A. systems on the MTV-BAM and Electro-BAM stages at the Parc del Frum.

For the MTV-BAM stage (larger of the two), production sound company FOCUS, S.A., a renowned sound company based in Barcelona, supplied an EAW speaker system comprising twelve KF760 Long-Throw Line Array Modules, four KF730 Compact Line Array Modules and eight SB730 Compact Line Array Subwoofers per side, all under the control of UX8800 Digital Signal Processors. Focus S.A., with over 20 years experience designing, producing, coordinating and directing unique ceremonies and events with clockwork precision, was able to design a comprehensive system that exceeded the demands of the venue. Due to the large listening area that had to be covered, FOCUS designed the system to project the low frequencies, taking advantage of the omni-directional pattern of the KF760 below 150 Hz to provide additional coverage control. Alignment of the system was simplified by keeping the distance between the KF760/KF730 modules and the subs to just six feet.

Additional ground-stacked EAW subs boosted the low end. It was a pop rock festival, so we designed a cardioid configuration with a double line arc with 16 SB1000z [Large Format Subwoofers], which delivered an incredible punch in the central area, where most of the audience was located, said Pepe Ferrer of FOCUS S.A. The system also included an infill of KF750 High Output Array Loudspeakers in a left-right configuration with four KF730 modules for mono voice front fill.

The entire EAW system was powered by Lab.gruppen's tour-honed FP+ Series and fP Series amplifiers. Twelve FP 10000Q and pair of FP 13000, along with several racks each of FP 4000 and fP 3400, provided over 80 ultra-reliable channels of superior sound for the main FOH system, including the additional ground stacked subs. Additional racks containing a mix of FP+ and smaller fP Series models handled the infill and sidefill arrays and mono voice front fill with ease.

Chosen by FOCUS for their renowned continuous reliability, ability to endure severe stress and high power density, Lab.gruppens FP+ Series is an ideal system partner to drive the EAW loudspeaker elements, ensuring superior audio quality from source to audience.

Elsewhere, FOCUS deployed EAWs new KF740 3-Way Full-Range Loudspeakers on the Electro BAM Festival stage. FOCUS designed a system with eight KF740 speakers and four KF730 modules per side, together with 16 SB850z Dual 18-Inch Subwoofers in an end fired left-right configuration, with two UX8800 processors handling signal management. Eight KF730 modules provided out fill coverage with an additional two KF730 modules carrying front fill.

The main FOH system was powered by a mix of Lab.gruppen FP+ Series including 8 FP 6400 and 2 FP 13000, alongside 4 racks of fP Series (fP 3400 and fP 2600). The out fill and front fill KF730 elements were all powered by an additional 3 FP 13000.

A pair of SB730 Compact Line Array Subwoofers and four JF260z 2-Way Compact Loudspeakers under the control of a single UX8800 processor and driven by four Lab.gruppen fP 3400 amplifiers, provided onstage side fill. Eight JFX260i Compact Full-Range Loudspeakers, again driven by Lab.gruppen amplification, were deployed for onstage monitoring.

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