Sennheiser UK keeps the show going on for MTV’s 2010 EMAs in Madrid

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-12-23)

Sennheiser UK keeps the show going on for MTV’s 2010 EMAs in Madrid

On their 8th consecutive year of running MTV’s European Music Awards, global audio brand Sennheiser has once again accomplished a smooth show while providing great, high-quality audio for the event and performers. The EMAs took place on November 7th of this year in Madrid, Spain and was hosted by “Desperate Housewives” hottie, movie star and philantropist Eva Langoria, who counted on Sennheiser’s SKM 5200 Mk microphone while presenting the show on live European TV. Besides Sennheiser microphones, the EW 300 inner ear monitors were also responsible for helping to ensure great performances from every single act of the event, which included Paramore’s Haley Wailliams, BoB, Katy Perry, Kings of Leon, Shakira, Linkin Park, among others. Working in conjunction with sound designer Derrick Zieba and audio provider Britannia Row, Sennheiser UK team (Mark Saunders, Andy Lillywhite and Tim Sherratt) were able to ensure the success of what can easily become a very technically challenging production.

“The MTV EMAs is one of the most complex shows on our calendar; it’s about getting it right for several international bands and artists performing to a large arena audience and a massive TV audience live to air. And in most cases all within the space of one song per artist!” says Britannia Row managing director Bryan Grant. “Mark Saunders and his team have been working with us for a number of years now, fitting seamlessly into our crew and lending their expertise to help keep the event running smoothly, especially with the large amount of radio kit being used. The quality of the Sennheiser equipment is a given; we don’t have to sell it to the performers, they’re already comfortable with it.”

Many of the performing artists are already regular Sennheiser users including Shakira (SKM 5200 with Neumann KK 105 capsule), Dizzee Rascal (SKM 935 in custom gold with 935 head), Rihanna (SKM 2000 with 965 capsule), Katy Perry (SKM 5200 with MD 5235 capsule, custom crystalled), Linkin Park (SKM 2000 with 865 head), Miley Cyrus (SKM 5200 with 5235 capsule), Hayley Williams (SKM 2000 with 935 capsule) and Kings of Leon (e 935 wired microphone) who also used their own recently purchased 2000 Series in ear monitor system.

The extreme success achieved once again on MTV’s EMAs, the technical audio support service by Sennheiser, ensures the brand to take such responsibilities for many years to come.

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