Orange Amps will debut DIVO tube technology at Winter NAMM 2011

(Dave Molter | Posted 2011-01-07)

Orange Amps will debut DIVO tube technology at Winter NAMM 2011

Orange Amps announces a worldwide exclusive distribution agreement for DIVO Tube Sync® - a truly revolutionary new guitar amp technology that will be unveiled at Winter NAMM 2001 in Anaheim.

The new DIVO technology automatically adjusts the bias of the output power tubes to ensure their full potential is realised. It monitors the amp’s performance and will isolate faulty tube failures by running them at half power until the tubes can be changed. The DIVO system also increases the reliability of amplifiers by maintaining the optimum performance of the tubes by performing an ‘in circuit’ test every time the amplifier is powered up.

DIVO technology opens up whole new dimensions in tone options allowing for the first time ever the ability to mix and match tubes. You can experiment with an EL34, 6L6, 6550, KT77 or any other tube type all at the same time in the same amp. With DIVO the tubes are automatically matched.

DIVO will extend the lifespan of your tubes, and you will never again need to pay a tech to re-bias. DIVO can be easily integrated into any almost any guitar tube amplifier.

Orange Amps will be offering this as an option in their new Rockerverb 100 which will be ‘DIVO Ready’. For other Orange amps and most other brands Orange offer the DIVO Orange Tube Sync OV4, a complete standalone unit. See this revolutionary important product demonstrated at NAMM 2011 on the Orange Music Booth 4674 Hall C.

About Orange Amps,br> It all began for Cliff Cooper back in 1960s’ Swinging London when he opened the Orange musical instrument shop and recording studio during the summer of 1968. Legend has it that in the very beginning not only did Cliff work all hours to make his business successful, but any sleep that he did manage to get took place in the shop itself and with the luxury of a plastic Vox speaker column cover used as a sleeping bag…

Fast-forward nearly forty years to the summer of 2006 and, as C.E.O. of the Orange Music Electronic Company Ltd, Cliff was invited to Buckingham Palace to receive the Queen’s Award for Enterprise given to Orange for its contribution to international trade.

From a press release.

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