Sennheiser 's new CXC 700 ear-canal phones with NoiseGard promise digital noise canceling

(Dave Molter | Posted 2011-01-10)

Sennheiser 's new CXC 700 ear-canal phones with NoiseGard  promise digital noise canceling

Sennheiser has expanded its Travel Line of earphones with the addition of a set of ear-canal phones with active noise cancellation -- the CXC 700.

As a completely new feature, the innovative NoiseGard™ /digital system offers travelers a choice of three noise-cancelling profiles – optimized for the wide range of surrounding noise encountered while traveling. This pioneering digital technology enables frequent flyers and travel enthusiasts to ‘switch off’ even better and enjoy Sennheiser’s proven top-quality sound.

Rail noise, roaring engines, screaming turbines and blaring loudspeaker announcements: travelers are always surrounded by irritating noise. Wherever you are, the new CXC 700 adapts to the environment at the push of a button.

One of three noise-canceling profiles can be selected to adapt NoiseGard to the current surroundings. Mode 1 absorbs low-frequency noise in particular (100 to 400 Hertz), such as engine noise from trains, buses or small passenger planes. Mode 2 focuses on canceling noise in the medium frequency range (400 to 3,000 Hertz), which is caused above all by air-conditioning systems in large passenger aircraft or office buildings. Mode 3 has a particularly wide frequency range (100 to 3,000 Hertz), and combines the noise-canceling effect in the medium and low-frequency ranges. As a result, background noise with different noise components, such as that which occurs at airports, railway stations or underground stations, can be effectively suppressed, although with a slightly lower noise-canceling performance than in the first two modes.

“NoiseGard /digital is the consistent further development of Sennheiser's analog NoiseGard technology,” explained Daniel Chee, Product Manager for the Sennheiser Travel Line. “The possibility to select one of three different modes that are optimized for different environments considerably improves the noise-cancelling effect. Precise filters generate a result that is up to five times better than that of the analog system."

Perfect sound wherever you go To ensure that you can enjoy top-quality sound while traveling – even when the NoiseGard function is deactivated – Sennheiser's proven acoustics guarantees a balanced, detailed sound image with a frequency response of 20 to 21,000 Hertz. Whether with or without NoiseGard, the CXC 700 promises the same perfect sound quality at all times. This means that you can still listen to music or enjoy a film even if the battery is flat. The earphones are perfectly matched to portable audio and video players and are also optimized for connection to in-flight entertainment systems.

The CXC 700 is operated using a control unit integrated into the cable. The control unit is used not only to select the three NoiseGard profiles and to regulate the volume but also to activate the Sennheiser TalkThrough function. This allows users to conduct a conversation with the person sitting next to them or with the cabin staff without the need to remove their earphones. A particularly useful feature: changing between the NoiseGard profiles and activation of the TalkThrough function are indicated by both an acoustic and a visual signal.

The high-end ear-canal phones are, of course, also equipped with all extras for relaxed and trouble-free travelling. The CXC 700 comes with a set of ear adapters in three different sizes to guarantee perfect fit and optimum passive noise attenuation. An in-flight adapter and a 6.35 mm jack plug adapter are also included to enable the earphones to be connected not only to portable players but also to in-flight entertainment systems. The 4.5-foot-long (1.4 meter) cable offers sufficient freedom of movement in all situations. In addition to a small carrying case, the set also includes a diaphragm protector, a cleaning tool and an AAA battery.

MSRP is $319.95 USD.

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